Infographic: Franchise Management Hiring Solutions

By Team Hireology,
August 19, 2015

For everyday working people, work-related issues typically cause the most common headaches. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had stress at one point that came from a work issue-if not, then keep living the good life my friend!

For the rest of us, whether you’re dreading the Monday morning commute to the office or stressing over a big project, workplace nuisances are sometimes inevitable. Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be true when it comes to your hiring process.

Hiring new employees doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. There are ways to make sure you’re hiring people that are statistically proven to be best fit for the job-the trick is simply knowing how to go about it.

Franchises often run into common hiring problems that cause unnecessary headaches, so we’re here to help alleviate the pain. One easy way we can help is by offering you a complimentary infographic, which covers franchise hiring statistics and how Hireology can help your franchise build a better team while saving time and money simultaneously. 

Key Infographic Takeaways: 

  • Franchise hiring by the numbers
  • Why your new hires aren’t working
  • Percentages of bad hires affecting companies
  • Your prescription for hiring headaches


Want more franchise hiring statistics? Download the complimentary eBook below and compare your franchise hiring efforts to the rest of the industry.

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