IFA Recap: How is NLRB Affecting Training and Operations?

By Alan Dodaro,
February 8, 2017

Hireology enjoyed this year’s IFA and felt the momentum from franchise owners to shape 2017 into a year of incredible opportunity. While there is political uncertainty around the future of labor regulation and business practices, one of the key takeaways from IFA were sessions discussing NLRB and its possible implications on franchisees. The key? Don’t let worries over NLRB impact your operations or team training.

The Importance of Smooth Franchise Operations and Training Programs

 Setting up easy-to-follow processes are the best ways to guarantee consistency and quality between all of your franchise locations. Communication and collaboration are key to this – at both the corporate and local levels of your franchise organization. While we’ve helped thousands of franchise locations do this for hiring, there are great tools to help drive a consistent experience across all aspects of operations.

 The best way to do this? Start with educating your zees and their employees on the franchise model. Surprisingly, a lot of owners don’t even know who their employer is. To kickoff the conversation, begin by sharing the IFA resources franchise model video with your zees, and then have them share this with their own local employees.

 Being transparent with best (and worst) practices can also enable everyone to do their best jobs and advocate for the parent brand. Formulate the conversation with all employees across locations on the best ways to run the business and avoid any legal or regulatory issues.

Franchise Training Best Practices

 Determine the right balance of training resources you provide your franchisees to set them up for success while balancing the risk of being involved in day-to-day operations. Surprisingly, many top franchisor brands are actually increasing the resources and direct training they’re providing their franchisee owners. This has taken the form of ongoing training sessions, lunch and learns to share new ideas, and creating clear lines of communication between franchisee and franchisor.

 The key focus is for your locations to be profitable. Anything that is preventing a profitable business will result in disaster for everyone involved. Clear communication, powerful training tools, and overall alignment on business goals are ways to combat this.

Change The Conversation

It’s one thing to offer new training techniques and tools, but it’s another to get your owners to buy in and implement your new ideas. Great franchise brands have had success simply by changing the tone in conversation with their owners. Instead of framing a new technique as a new requirement, frame the conversation as a new tool you’re providing to help them run their business smarter. Owners who see your offering as an opportunity to make their lives easier versus another task they have to accomplish each and every day will have them more open to this change.

Use The Department Of Labor As An Asset

While this might seem counterintuitive, you should form a relationship with the Department of Labor and demonstrate you’re keen on complying with regulations and being a good business partner in the community. Ways to do this include inviting them to your annual brand conference or visiting some of your key locations to discuss best practices. Payroll management, tactics on hiring, handling firing, and other operations that may have regulatory actions are all topics they can share knowledge on to ensure compliance and position your brand as an advocate for striving to run a business well.

Hireology customers have been seeing demand for franchise talent booming across various industries. But how much involvement should the franchisor have to advocate for their franchisees while worrying about potential fallout from the NLRB ruling?

Don’t Let The NLRB Ruling Distract You Or Your Franchisees

At the end of the day, the franchisee will ultimately take ownership and get the bill for some of the operational and training tools outlined above. Successful franchisees will be able to take this on, while others may not. However, it’s best to work to empower the best franchisees while also mitigating liability to the franchisor. Help them find vendors who can help them improve their daily operations while placing a firewall between the franchisee location and the franchisor.

At Hireology, we’ve built our business model around this complex model and see the NLRB ruling as an opportunity to work uniquely with the franchisee and franchisor to build better teams while simultaneously protecting the overall franchise brand from the risks associated with hiring at the local level.

It may be months before NLRB is set one way or another –  this should not impact the way you’re running operations, training, or team building today.

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