Identify, Interview, Verify and Manage Your Candidates

By Team Hireology,
July 20, 2011

When a candidate applies for your job, there are so many ways you can proceed, it can be overwhelming. You can interview everyone who applies; you can interview based on your assessment of the resume; or you can skip the interview altogether and decide based on a lunch with the candidate, a reference, or even your gut (a surprisingly popular method).

At Hireology, we understand your pain. We’ve done everything in our power to make all of your options available to you – on ONE page. No need to navigate through a complex interface to uncover what might be the best path to selecting the right candidate for your job. We now serve up your hiring system all on ONE screen: No confusion, no ambiguity, just the clearly defined process hiring managers love.  We’ve made the selection and interview process JUST as straightforward as your CRM process. 

First, we help you INDENTIFY your candidates. On Hireology’s new job detail page, candidates who apply to your job will automatically appear on the page. If you’re one of our many active users, you’re already accustomed to Hireology’s one-click job promotion tools, which help you get the word out about your job through social media and a unique job link. But, now theres more: Hireology now offers Candidate Quick Ratings, otherwise known as “gold stars.”

This new quick rating system allows users to quickly communicate with everyone involved in the job, and share thoughts on the candidate’s resume or application. Was the candidate referred to you through a reference you trust? Let the team know, here! Managers, feel free to strategize: should your team only phone screen candidates with 4 or 5 stars? Don’t waste time re-reviewing candidates with only one star. When communication is quick early in the hiring process, you can cut your interviewing time in half.

Next, we help you INTERVIEW your candidates. Right from this page, pull up fully scripted interview guides combined with scoring RIGHT on the page! Open your interview guide, score the candidate, and have it auto-recorded in less time than it would take you to locate a folder in your server.

We’ve added the VERIFY step to this page. Now, users can quickly conduct a fully scripted, legally compliant reference check and not have to leave the screen. Record notes and have them on file, instantly: no re-typing necessary.

Last but not least, we allow you to MANAGE candidates through the process. This section isn’t new, but it is equally important. Users can quickly pull up a scorecard to make a decision, move a candidate to Inactive status, send a rejection letter, or simply delete them from the job altogether.

With Hireology’s easy 4-step hiring process, Hiring managers will never be left in the dark again!

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