HR Tech Trends Impacting Millennial Hiring in Franchising

By Adam Robinson,
March 18, 2016

By now, the connection between millennials and technology should be firmly ingrained in your understanding of this generation. A recent article from Inc. highlighted the fact that millennials grew up on digital – and predominantly mobile – technology, including the Internet, laptops, iPods and iPhones. This has helped create a generation of individuals who are eager to be the first ones to test out, experience and interact with new technology, situations and cultural artifacts.

This technology connection extends into multiple facets of their lives, both personally and professionally. They look to the social Web for news, entertainment, information and interacting with friends, family and, most important for the purposes of this article, brands. As a result, many franchise businesses have had to rethink their hiring strategies, especially when they’re considering the type of HR technology they put in place to get in front of millennials and recruit the best talent possible.

Two Things to Consider:

With that in mind, these are a couple of the most influential changes in HR tech and strategy that franchise brands should be thinking about:

Enable public recognition – One of the most lasting impacts that Facebook has left on society is the way that it has enabled social recognition through the ‘Like’ button. Citing a data from a 2015 Corporate Executive Board (CEB) survey of Fortune 1,000 companies, a Ramco white paper indicated two-thirds of employees say performance reviews are an interruption, and another 65 percent say they aren’t relevant. HR managers and team leaders are even less satisfied with traditional performance review models. Add into the mix a large pool of workers who grew up on social media and enjoy social recognition, and you have a new scenario where employees would prefer to have their contributions highlighted on a social platform. Multiple companies have done this by creating branded social networks or intranets on which people can not only collaborate, but also share their accomplishments.

Be visible on multiple, relevant sites – A trap that many franchise brands commonly fall in when creating their hiring strategy with millennial workers in mind is to post job opportunities everywhere-the shotgun approach. An article from FranchiseBeat explained while it may be true that millennials are all over the place on the Web, you need to be strategic about where you’re advertising specific roles. Of course, you’ll want to post on sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed, but look elsewhere to really target the right person for the job. If your franchise brand is looking to recruit a marketing manager, for example, posting a job description on the American Marketing Association’s job board will likely get you in front of a more relevant job seeking audience.

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