HR Tech Conference 2012: Hireology’s Wrap Up

By Adam Robinson,
October 10, 2012

Whew! Do you hear that? That’s the sound of relief coming from CEO Adam Robinson’s office as all of the Hireologists are back to Hireology Headquarters after the busiest week in our company’s history!

It all started with the NAPEO conference in Scottsdale Arizona last week, and then we were off to the Inc. 500 conference in Phoenix until we found ourselves partying the night away with Dice and the Illinois Technology Association for Operation: HR Tech. And finally there were some early mornings and late nights at the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference right here in our Chicago backyard. 

It felt good to be a HR Tech company and get some press this week (Check out this article, and this one, and this one!) We talked to so many great people at the conference and rubbed elbows with tons of HR Celebrities and their companies. To Hireology, the HR Tech Conference is a Justin Bieber concert to a hyper tween, it’s our messiah! And as the event planner/marketing guru/team cheerleader, I can proudly say that we…CRUSHED IT!

After every conference, the analysts, editors, and press do write-ups on the companies they find “exciting” and “influential,” so I decided to give them some of the love back and highlight the most memorable conversations we had, with some of the best in the game:

William Tincup @williamtincup

As one of the busiest people this week, it was a real honor to party with him at Operation: HR Tech and then have him drop by our booth during the conference. An influential character with a social media presence to match I’m voting #Tincupforpresident!

Jessica Merrell @blogging4jobs

She wins an award for being the smartest blogger at the conference. After forming a group text where conference attendees can subscribe and receive tweets about upcoming parties and events during HR Tech – she makes everyone wish they would have thought of that! When Ms. Merrell dropped by our booth and introduced herself to me I instantly liked her. A bubbly blonde with a sassy personality to match she grabbed a Hireology pin and pinned it to her lapel like a champ. Thanks for the mini promotion JMM – see you at SHRM ’13!

Laurie Ruettimann @lruittimann

Star struck is the only way to describe my reaction when The Cynical Girl walked into our party Sunday night. I couldn’t even get words straight and I probably embarrassed the heck out of myself! After I forced her to take a picture with me and practically asked for a lock of her hair she may be ready to file a restraining order. But I don’t care – she’s my HR blogging idol! When are we getting together to discuss our love of cats and HR tech Laurie?

Dwane Lay @dwanelay

What a funny guy. When he sauntered up to our booth on Monday during the HR Tech Conference I didn’t recognize him at first, maybe because he was chugging a margarita (yes there was TEQUILA served at the conference – HR Technology isn’t all that boring!) But when I badged* him I about tripped over my heels. I mean this guy has 75,000 Twitter followers! But who’s counting (as he politely pointed out – followers are vanity metrics!) and he made me laugh about 20 times. Can’t wait to collaborate on something in the future with Mr. Lay.

Sarah White @imsosarah

We could have not been as successful as we were this week without Ms. Sarah White. A total class-act and HR celeb – she puts the sources in human resources! After providing me with guidance on how to plan a killer conference party, and then helping us promote it, she really went above and beyond. In fact – we’re already planning our bash for SHRM 2013! Who’s ready?

Franz Gilbert @franzgilbert

After a night at our party, Mr. Gilbert met with CEO, Adam Robinson, and began tweeting away. We could not thank him enough for the tweet and picture about Hireology which he sent out to 2,000 of his followers. But then he dropped by our booth later on that day and we got to meet him in person and check out his totally cool socks.** Great convo Franz, see you soon!

Next time I spend 48 hours standing at a conference, jittery from so much crappy conference coffee with burns on my hand from dry ice (drop by our booth at any conference and you will see what we use dry ice for…) I will remember how much I love conferences and exhibiting. And while I have totally lost my voice (I think my co-workers are secretly celebrating this) there is something to be found here. Through all the mini-crises, the hotel demos with crappy internet, the thousands of dollars spent on exhibiting, 2,563 cups of coffee, the late nights putting leads into our CRM, and avoiding those pesky carry-alls*** we became a closer company and cemented a culture that is filled with hysterical laughter, spot-on impressions of co-workers, and lots and lots of hiring power. 

*Badged is defined (By Hireologists) as staring at some someone’s conference badge instead of their face when talking to them. Generally used to figure out if this person is a lead, competitor, analyst, investor, or fellow exhibitor at which point you hide all of your swag and tchotchkes and give them a dirty look for distracting you from potential leads.

**I appreciate a person who doesn’t take their socks seriously. I think it says a lot about someone when they wear wacky socks with conservative conference clothes. On a normal day in Hireology HQ you will see a rainbow array of polka-dotted, striped, and checkered sock choices.

*** Carry-alls are defined (again by Hireologists) as the conference attendees who carry a rolling bag to simply and only collect swag/ tchotchkes from exhibiting booths. Generally they don’t want to talk, don’t care about your product, and avoid looking directly at you. They just pick up your giveaways tuck it into their bags and roll away without a second-glance. 

Once you get back to office and begin interviewing candidates, make sure you look for these four essential elements. 

About the Author

Adam co-founded Hireology with the mission to help growing companies make better hiring decisions through data and better technology. Adam is passionate about entrepreneurship, donating time to a number of organizations that support the entrepreneurial cause. Adam completed his undergraduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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