How Your Dealership Culture Could Be Costing You Sales

By Adam Robinson,
November 9, 2016


How Company Culture Affects Sales

Company culture is as important as ever. And when it comes to car dealerships-known for high rates of turnover-culture is essential to success. A positive work culture not only attracts new employees, it encourages those employees to stick around and grow with your company.

How do you establish a positive culture? Hire top talent. Hire energetic people with high character. In order to do this, you need to first attract that top talent. It’s not an easy process, but it’s also not rocket science. There are tried and true strategies to improving culture and acquiring top talent. Let’s consider a couple:

Position yourself as a winner online.


Make sure your presence online-and specifically, your company’s Careers page-reflects a positive, winning culture. Yes, even if you’re not there yet, even if your culture needs a boost! Show prospective employees what you aspire to be and they’ll get excited about becoming part of the movement.


Establishing a positive presence online means hosting an engaging website with polished content and a consistent message. Whether it’s video, blogs or just the basic copy that introduces your career page, make sure you put forth an inspired vision of the company you’d like to be.


Streamline your hiring process.


Hiring is a complex process, and there’s a lot of pressure on hiring managers to get things rightÉthe first time. Make sure your hiring process is a smooth one. Make sure it supports your people and helps them make good decisions. Make sure it’s a process that reflects a positive, professional culture to the very people you’re assessing and considering as new additions to your team.


Streamlining your process involves a lot of moving parts, from making sure you’re on the right job boards, to guiding the interview process, to checking references the right way. Don’t try to figure this all out on your own and design a process from scratch. Stick with something that’s a proven performer, like a hiring software platform you can customize to meet your exact needs.


What does this have to do with sales?




Look, we don’t have to tell you what top talent is looking for when they’re looking for a new dealership to call home. Great salespeople look for a thriving culture where they can make an impact, do things the right way and sell more than they ever have before!


You’ll need top performers to increase your sales, and you’ll need a great culture to attract top performers. So if you want to sell more, and to do it with an established team of people who grow alongside you, you need to establish the right culture first.


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About the Author

Adam co-founded Hireology with the mission to help growing companies make better hiring decisions through data and better technology. Adam is passionate about entrepreneurship, donating time to a number of organizations that support the entrepreneurial cause. Adam completed his undergraduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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