How to Hire and Retain Franchise Employees for the Long Haul

By Adam Robinson,
July 1, 2015

How to Hire and Retain Franchise Employees for the Long Haul

Hiring the right person for your franchise isn’t just about hiring for today, but it should also be about developing leadership for the future. When recruiting a new employee, look at that individual’s current abilities to fill the open position as well as their potential staying power and growth within your organization.

According to a study conducted by Equifax, of all the employees in the United States that quit their jobs in 2014, 56 percent did so within 12 months of starting the position. People want a job that is fulfilling and they have no problem jumping around to find it. This can make things very frustrating for franchise owners looking to hire long-term employees.

The best hires are the ones that can do the job and can be counted on to stay when you need them the most. These are the people who are committed to your success and are in it for the long haul. Today, Hireology offers some tips for franchisees looking to hire and retain long-term employees:

  1.        Hire for Cultural Fit

Never underestimate the importance of company culture. The core values of your organization are a big factor when it comes to retaining employees. If a candidate doesn’t fit well into a company’s unique culture from the start, then this is a pretty good indicator that they won’t last very long.

When hiring a potential employee, provide them with a skills and personality assessment to get a better understanding of if they will enjoy working for your brand. Hiring workers who fit well into a company’s culture helps create unity and collaboration among your fellow employees which can ultimately entice them to stay longer.

  1.        Offer Rewards

Offer your employees some sort of financial incentive or perk to motivate them to stick around. Whether you offer them a gift card, bonuses or time off for those who have stayed over a year – consider giving employees a little something extra that will help encourage them to want to stay. Also, give your employees meaningful annual raises. Money is among the top reason why people leave their jobs, so if your employees feel undervalued or underpaid they will have no problem going somewhere else.

  1.        Promote from Within Your Organization

Give your employees a clear path of advancement from the start. If they see that their hard work is not being recognized and isn’t helping advance them in your company, they will stop trying. Reward those who have worked hard and put in their time with earned promotions. When newer employees see how you value your team, this will encourage them to stay with your franchise for the long term.

  1.        Always Conduct an Exit Interview

Just because someone is leaving your company does not mean their opinion is meaningless. Conducting exit interviews with employees who have decided to leave can provide you with valuable insight into different parts of your company culture that you may not have been aware of.

Alternatively, consider holding ‘stay interviews’ with more tenured employees to see what has motivated them to continue to stay. Ask them what they like best or what they would like to see changed. Using this information can help to strengthen your employee-retention rate.

How Hireology Can Help

Do you need help finding the perfect hire? Hireology provides franchise brands with an automated platform to conduct skills testing, personality profiles and background verifications, giving you the added assurance that a candidate’s skills are in-line with your franchise’s needs.  Automating your hiring process can help weed out any bad matches before they ever make it through to the final interview – saving your franchise brand time and money. Hireology’s software platform and predictive analytics can help you identify which candidate is best for the job.

Want to learn more about how Hierology’s platform can add some science to your hiring processes? For more on how Hireology can help your franchise system’s hiring needs, contact us today.

About the Author

Adam co-founded Hireology with the mission to help growing companies make better hiring decisions through data and better technology. Adam is passionate about entrepreneurship, donating time to a number of organizations that support the entrepreneurial cause. Adam completed his undergraduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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