How to Find and Hire Freelancers

By Adam Robinson,
May 23, 2012

Small businesses and startup companies are always looking for one thing: ways to save money! If you have the work, but don’t have the cash for full-time hires then one of the best ways to pinch pennies is to hire talented freelancers. Many people think of freelancers as newspaper writers however nowadays freelancers are doing everything from representing your company at tradeshows to designing the logo for your startup. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hire some freelancers! 

Where to Find Ôem:

According to Inc. writers Lee Clifford and Julie Schlosser who wrote the article How to Find the Best Freelancers, the best place to start when hiring a freelancer is (duh!) the internet! Social Cast’s infographic found that 50% of freelancers find their jobs over the internet. So it’s definitely a good idea to start posting your freelance positions on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Clifford and Schlosser also recommend Craigslist saying that ‘posting an ad is relatively cheap and the responses we received were of (surprisingly) high quality.’

However you can take it one step further and check out this article on the 2012 Best Freelancing Sites. This page has 10 fantastic freelance sites where you can find candidates based on their portfolios, experience, and work ethic while reviewing tips on payment and communication. Here are five of the top sites featured in detail below:

  • Elance: Programming, Marketing, Creative and Administrative contractors, easy user interface, free unlimited job postings
  • ODesk: Select professionals based on work history, portfolio, feedback ratings, and test scores
  • Guru: 1 Million+ members, free postings!
  • Freelancer: First freelance website, has largest outsource marketplace
  • Crowdspring: The best for logos and graphic design. Hireology used this site to develop our logo!

How to Hire Ôem:

Hiring a freelancer is different than hiring a full time position for a few reasons. First many freelancers will never step foot into your office! Clifford and Schlosser stress how important it is to meet your candidate in person before making a commitment as it will harbor a connection and make them feel more accountable. Also make sure to get their contract in writing even if it feels like you are sending someone you just started dating, a pre-nup! If your company is looking for ways to save money then they definitely can’t afford to spend the time hiring someone who doesn’t finish the work.

When you finally sit down with freelance candidates make sure you have customized your interviews for the contracted positions to ensure they will be successful down the road. The questions you ask and the information you will request during interviews should be different from those you ask in full time position interviews. Hireology offers customizable interviews and job profiling for contracted work and freelancing while giving you the option to post your freelancing positions directly to your social media sites. The best part is you get everything for just $24 bucks a month! Now that is pinching some pennies!

Read more of Inc.’s article on How to Find and Hire the Best Freelancers 

Social Cast’s Infographic “Freelance at a Glance” 

2012 Best Freelancing Sites 

CrowdSPRING: A marketplace for for logos and graphic design


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