How To Fill Jobs Quickly: Social Sharing & Employee Referrals

By Alan Dodaro,
March 15, 2017

The first step in finding your next employee for a new role is getting in front of engaged and quality candidates.

Job boards are a great way to do this: posting with Hireology means your positions will automatically be picked up by organic job board feeds like Indeed and LinkedIn. Beyond this, you can advertise on the same job boards to maximize your exposure. But this can be expensive if you’re hiring for multiple roles, or require a specific skill set for your open position. 

One of the best ways to get in front of strong candidates is sharing your job through your company’s social media network.

Your company likely has established social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to reach customers and allow your current employees to network. You should also be taking advantage of these social sites to share any new positions you may have. Here are some best practices to leverage your existing social network to find great candidates:

Develop A Process Of Socializing Any New Position

Whenever you have new positions available, have a plan in place to post these to your social media accounts as soon as you’re ready. Include the unique Hireology URL so applicants are instantly added to your account, and receive the appropriate SmartRank survey to help you focus on top applicants. Be sure to share across appropriate channels: people are likely job-searching on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but likely not on Instagram or Snapchat. For networks like Twitter, share your new roles once a week to continuously stay engaged with your followers. 

Transform Your Current Team Into Recruiters

Social is a key way to cast a wide net and reach hundreds of people at once, but you may be overlooking a great asset right in front of you: your current team. Internal referrals are an incredibly powerful (and cost-effective) way to find great candidates. Top employees tend to have high-quality networks and can quickly spread the word of any new talent needs you have.  

The best way to have your team help find candidates is to email them the details, along with each role’s Hireology URL, and encourage your team to email the details or post on their social channels. Posting on networks like Facebook will appear in front of their friends, and friend-of-friends, quickly reaching hundreds of people when a few top employees share the details across their network.

Develop An Incentive Plan For Referrals

It’s one thing to hope your employee network has colleagues looking for a new jobs when you have a need to hire, but a way to further engage your team is to offer referral incentives. These incentive offers can vary depending on your business and the level of the new position.  

While cash incentives for referrals are a huge motivator for your team, go beyond the monetary value to stress quality over quantity. Publicly recognize each great referral as a way to continuously remind the team of the benefits of reaching out to their networks, and remind them regularly in all-team meetings or onsite collateral so referrals are always top of mind.

Your incentive plan should clearly communicate the process – the payout amount and when this is provided: usually 3 or 6 months after the hire date, if the referral is still with the company, as well as if you have tiered amounts for different levels of experience.

Measure Your Results

Tracking the sources of your hires will help you find trends of the most effective paths to hires. Are many of your quality hires coming through employee referrals? Or is your Facebook page driving quality employee leads? Has that expensive paid job board campaign driven enough applicants, or are people finding your career page on your website and applying directly?

Knowing where your best candidates come from can help you prioritize top channels for future job openings and help you fill roles faster. And if you build out your referral program with your current team members, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money by tapping into your team’s professional network instead of paying for job board advertisements.

About the Author

Alan is the content and product marketing manager, responsible for educating Hireology customers on new product features and platform best practices. He brings experience from previous startup and digital agency roles. Before beginning his career, Alan attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a major in advertising and a minor in library information science.

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