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By Team Hireology,
November 25, 2015

No one enjoys the fear of missing out (or sometimes better known as FOMO), but if you’re an auto dealer or dealership hiring manager who is looking to hire in the near future and missed out on Tuesday’s Automotive News webinar, then fear not!

Yesterday, Automotive News and Hireology presented a webinar titled Growing your Dealership with Better Hiring: Advice from the Experts. While the live webinar is finished, you can still view and listen to some industry experts give hiring tips, as well as advice on how hiring helps grow dealership business.

Webinar Speakers

The panel of speakers included the following professionals in their respective fields, such as:

  • Erich Gail-COO, Cardinale Automotive Group
  • Dale Pollak-Founder, vAuto
  • Shane Dolinski-Director of Training and Development, Garcia Auto Group
  • Jamaal McCoy-General Manager, Findlay Chevrolet
  • Adam Robinson-CEO, Hireology

Questions Answered

In his webinar, the speakers answer significant questions confronting the retail automotive industry, such as:

  • What macro-level economic and demographic trends are impacting the environment for hiring in dealerships over the next several years?
  • How has your dealership’s workforce changed over the last three years?
  • How do you see it changing over the next three years and what are you doing to prepare for that change?
  • It’s obvious that selling processes will evolve as millennials become the majority of car buyers, but how has it changed the way you staff your dealerships?
  • What is your experience with hiring staff from outside of the industry and specifically did you have to adapt how you recruit, onboard and manage them?
  • What are some innovative things you’ve done in your dealership that have had a positive impact on turnover?

Some Highlights from the Webinar:

‘And so when you look at it (automotive) as an industry, really the only thing a dealer has 100% control over anymore is whom they put on their payroll.’Adam Robinson

‘It’s really quite remarkable how accurately, if there’s a little bit of science and data brought in to the (hiring) process, that you really can tell whether somebody possesses intuition or the basic skills to do the job and for me, that would be the most important place to start (when hiring).’Dale Pollak

‘We make an effort to hire and fill our staff that’s representative of our customers’ demographic. So whether that’s considering millennials or considering baby boomers, gen x, whatever the case may be-we hire the best person for the position.’  –Jamaal McCoy

To view and listen to the complete webinar for more dealership hiring tips, click on the link below.

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