How Hiring Technology Can Save Home Health Agencies Time and Money

By Beth Kempton,
October 3, 2017

Does the hiring process at your home health agency run efficiently? Most organizations can’t give a straight answer. According to a 2016 study from the Society of Human Resources Management, the average time-to-hire for U.S. businesses was 42 days.

The longer your home health business takes to fill an open role, the higher the risk of your competitors poaching quality candidates.

Meanwhile, it cost employers $4,129 on average to fill an open position last year. If you’re spending this much – or even more – on recruiting qualified registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses or certified nurse’s assistants, you need to ensure you’re hiring the right people and putting the systems in place to help retain them.

By utilizing the right technology, you can streamline and optimize your hiring strategy and business operations, ultimately helping your home health business become more profitable. Here’s how:

Eliminate the Guesswork

Home healthcare is a people-driven business model – from the clients you serve to the caregivers who provide the services. Therefore, hiring the right people is critical to maintaining a profitable organization. The hiring process can go two ways. The first, a candidate’s resume can be manually scanned, and you can hope to make the right hire. Alternatively, by using an integrated hiring and talent management platform, you can proactively source and recruit candidates, review more “pre-approved” applicants who received high marks on skills surveys, conduct multiple interview rounds, and make the right hiring decision consistently. A repeatable hiring process helps you source candidates, screen applicants, ask consistent interview questions, and verify candidates through reference and background checks.

Adjust Manual Workflows

Manual data entry decreases productivity across industries, including home healthcare agencies. Having both your home health agency staff and clients fill out intake and admissions every time a client is seen takes time away from providing care to that individual. Over the course of a year, the hours add up and errors start to pop up in your client database in the form of duplicate entries, misspellings and incomplete records. Eliminating such manual workflows by maintaining electronic patient records helps create a more efficient workplace and one that fosters a client-centered standard of care.

On the hiring side, hiring and talent management technology allows teams to manage a full employee lifecycle – from hire to retire- in one seamless platform. Data entry errors – such as manual timesheet entry and benefits enrollment – are avoided, which can help your business avoid regulatory issues related to overtime, paid time off and benefits that all business owners want to avoid.

Review Business Intelligence Data Regularly

Small business owners like home health agencies increasingly rely on business intelligence to identify the areas for improvement in their organization’s performance.

For example, healthcare records kept electronically will give physicians greater access to patient information, allowing faster and more accurate diagnoses. Complete patient feedback ensures the best possible care. With a substantial amount of data in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and home health agencies, business intelligence can organize and store all information for future use. 

Hiring technology also provides business technology that is easy to understand, helping you to  measure both strengths and weaknesses in the hiring process. The reports show which areas need improvement across managers and locations, so they can be tracked and addressed. Most importantly, reporting allows you to improve time to hire and visually see if you are properly following the steps in your hiring process.

As a home health provider, you can benefit from hiring and talent management software because it enables you to source top talent efficiently without having to second guess hiring decisions.

For more information on tapping into technology to to build your best team, download our eBook, “Unifying Your Hiring and Talent Management Systems.”

About the Author

Beth is the content strategist on Hireology’s marketing team, responsible for creating compelling blog posts, eBooks, marketing materials and other content. Her background includes five years of experience at a B2B digital marketing agency, where she crafted content for a variety of clients, including several in the HR technology space. Before beginning her career, Beth attended Loyola University Chicago, where she studied advertising and public relations.

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