Hiring Solutions: 5 Signs It’s Time For A Facelift

By Team Hireology,
November 19, 2014

Whether you’re an aging celebrity in Hollywood or the storefront of a 50-year-old mom and pop shop, facelifts are sometimes necessary for business. The same can be said about the hiring process at your organization-if it’s seems outdated, then it’s probably time to restructure your system. 

Old habits die hard, but they can still go away. One of the most unwanted and hardest habits to kick at businesses everywhere is turnover. The problem of offices behaving more like rotating doors with their employees is one that affects countless companies across all industries. Although this is a serious issue, it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. 

Just like solving any problem, you have to find the source first. Who you hire affects your turnover rate and therefore, makes your hiring process the main source. The first step towards refurbishing the way you operate hiring at your organization starts with identifying your main issues.

5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Hiring Process

  1. You realize your turnover rate is high, yet you’re not concerned-if you’re worried about making money at your company, then you should be concerned about turnover. You actually spend more money on turnover than you ever would if you used a hiring management system. It pays off to research and analyze your potential employees.
  2. You’re swimming in a pool of resumes-ok so maybe not an actual pool, but if you have a file packed with resumes, then your process is definitely outdated. Filing folders and cabinets are now obsolete within the world of hiring. Make sure you’re using a hiring platform that allows you to store and review all resumes online. It’s much easier to operate and will help everyone involved in the hiring process get on the same page.
  3. Most of your applicants get hired-this is straightforward. If the majority of your applicants are receiving job offers at your company, your hiring system is likely flawed. Consider conducting behavioral interviews, utilizing interview scorecards and background checks to make sure you’re hiring the right candidates.
  4. You’re asking illegal interview questions without knowing it-there are numerous questions that are illegal to ask during interviews, such as ‘where are you from?’ or even ‘do you own a car?’ Make sure you are up-to-speed with the law and try using new interview questions that are not only safe to ask, but much more effective as well.
  5. You’re hiring on gut feelings-there’s a reason why most companies conduct multiple interviews, tests and background checks. Having an actual hiring system that gives you reliable data on candidates increases your accuracy and therefore, helps lower your turnover rate. If you’ve been relying solely on personal feelings to hire candidates, stop.

Finding hiring solutions is a different process for everyone. Nevertheless, problems such as turnover are common in most industries and yet there are ways to help fix it. Be sure to evaluate your turnover rate and the way you hire your employees.

These are only a few signals that will tell you it’s time to restructure your hiring process. Download our free eBook below if you’d like to find more red flags to help improve your hiring efforts!

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