Hiring Process Checklist: Adam Robinson Talks to Multi-Unit Franchisee

By Team Hireology,
January 22, 2016

To do things well, you need a process. You can’t just wing it. That’s what Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson, recently told Multi-Unit Franchisee about franchise hiring. It can often seem time consuming or tedious, but in the end, it’s well worth the effort to have a process when hiring.

Recognizing the need for hiring structure is one of the most important things a franchise owner can do for his or her business to stay ahead of competition. In the article, Adam mentions that:

‘You have to take the time to research and understand what is out there and make decisions about what is applicable to you,’ says Robinson. Your recruiting systems are as important as your marketing systems. Until you get to the point of realizing that, you are always going to be behind the curve.’

On top of placing importance on your hiring process, Adam stresses the significance of management and work culture when talking about retaining employees.

‘Good people leave for better opportunities. If you can’t retain them, nothing else matters. You can have the best recruiting funnel in the world, but if your manager can’t provide a workplace environment that is somewhere they want to stay, they will leave.’

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Hiring Is On Key

In order to avoid turnover, you have to ensure you’re taking the right steps to find and select the right candidates who are best fit for the job. To make sure your process is in tune with higher standards, here’s a hiring checklist that Adam provides in the article:

1.)  Does the career site reflect my brand, and will it attract the people I need to attract?

2.)  Do I respond to applicants within 24 hours of resume submitted?

3.)  Is an interview scheduled with a candidate within a week of the applicant’s resume submittal?

4.)  Have I established criteria to evaluate the recruit’s suitability for the job, or am I just using it?

Don’t let your franchise hiring fall short. Click on the link below for some tips on how to improve your hiring process.

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