Hiring Millennials: How long will they stay?

By Team Hireology,
February 12, 2013

Will they or won’t they?

Generalizations often cloud one’s perceptions when considering hiring a Millennial employee; they’re impatient, and unwilling to commit long-term.  However, recent studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor have found trends showing employees are remaining with a current employer longer than they have in the past 15 years.

Now, employees stay an average of 4.6 years, before changing jobs, compared to an average of 3.6 years in 1998.

Speaking as an unofficial voice for Millennials’ entering the professional working world, long-term potentialities are definitely high on the priority list.  My experience with employment so far hasn’t been the best and that has been because I wasn’t allowed much room to grow.  Appreciation for the time I spent at a particular organization was also inadequate or mostly unrecognized because it wasn’t stressed as a necessity by the management.

Keep Them Busy

And it seems like others agree pretty strongly with me.  According to a recent article by TLNT, ‘add[ing] an effective career achievement program, where employees are rewarded for their years of service’ increases an employee’s years of commitment to an average of 6.7 years. Wow!

Although Millennials often get stereotyped as a generation incapable of patience, this is not true.  We may be used to having certain things instantly available to us, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t willing to work hard for the important things.

‘What [we] really want is engaging, meaningful work that doesn’t take over our lives.’  Millennials want to work hard and achieve something worthy of praise, yet still have time to adventure and relax in life.  This is completely achievable and desirable by every working individual regardless of the generation.

Engage Them

Just because Millennials are young and lightly experienced doesn’t mean they can’t produce good ideas.  Instead of placing an importance on seniority, make room for Millennials to speak up.  Encouraging participation doesn’t prohibit you from advising or guiding an employee.  On the contrary, Millennials thrive off of others’ sparks of energy and intelligence.

So, refreshing a company’s hiring mindset is significant considering that Millennials are flooding the workplace and by 2025 they’ll make up 75 percent of the workforce.”
Ultimately, the science of keeping an employee happy and engaged boils down to basic elements.  It’s not so much about what they’re doing, but rather about how they do it and who’s around to inspire them.  After all, a company is a team; Millennials are just the rookies coming off the bench and onto the court looking to keep a winning streak alive. You need us as much as we need you.

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