Hiring Help: Using infographics to attract job seekers

By Adam Robinson,
September 25, 2013

On Monday, Kes Thygesen of Mashable published an article discussing the role of infographics in the hiring process. I know it sounds unconventional, but according to Thygesen, infographics can boost hiring efforts. How? By driving traffic to your website, building credibility, and increasing brand recognition.

For corporations with unlimited design resources, creating an inforgraphic is a breeze. But for small businesses and franchises, the process can be time consuming and quite frustrating. Designing an infographic is more than just playing around with fun fonts. It takes time to research and conceptualize the layout. And that’s the easy part! Then you actually have to execute the design. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Are you wondering, Why are they even talking about this if it’s so hard? Well, so are we — just kidding. Of course we know some tools to make the process simple and fun. Now are you excited?


Before you even think about starting on the design, read through this blog post by the marketing and design gurus at Hubspot. They discuss how to gather information, what to look for in templates, and how to put your company touch on the infographic. The blog also directs you to a page where you can download five templates for free.


Once you have all the information you’d like to include, Easel.ly is a great site to visit for templates. While it’s still in beta, there are many template options to choose from. For those feeling adventurous, Easel.ly gives you the option to start from scratch while still providing any tools you may need.


Feeling a little stuck on your design? Visual.ly has thousands of infographics for you to enjoy and pull inspiration from. The website also offers templates for you to work off as well. And once you’re done, you can post your infographic to Visual.ly for people to admire!

Infographics and You

I know you don’t have much free time, but if creating an infographic to help your recruiting and hiring efforts means working late or on the weekend, then so be it. People love visuals. They don’t want to scroll through line and line trying to decipher what exactly it is your company does. This is why infographics can be so beneficial to your hiring process – they give job seekers the information they need, show them what it’s like to work at the company, and do so in a clear and intriguing way. 

So what do you say, try publishing an infographic to your careers page. Let us know if you see an increase in candidate traffic!

As appealing as that infographic may be, candidates aren’t going to apply unless the job description catches their eye. Here’s a few ways to ensure that happens…


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