Hireology’s Adam Robinson Talks 2016 Hiring Trends with Inc.com

By Team Hireology,
January 20, 2016

While we’re only in the third week of the new year, it’s never too early to look ahead to see what the rest of the year might bring to your business. Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, recently spoke with Inc.com about 2016 hiring trends and what businesses can expect moving forward. The one thing Adam highlights in the article is a shrinking talent pool this year.

‘Service, hospitality, restaurants, food and beverage, and retail will need to make some investments now to prepare for the reality of a smaller applicant pool over the next seven years.’ – Adam Robinson, via Inc.com

3 Things to Pay Attention To:

If your business plans on hiring today or within the next several years, there are some things you need to consider. There are three things every company should take into account when trying to attract and hire the best talent in the years to come:

1.) The talent pool is shrinking-Make sure you’re investing in smart hires today. You can’t rely on having the same lot of talent to choose from in the future. According to the article, ‘Robinson says between now and 2022 people entering the workforce for the first time-those between 16 and 24-will continue to decline.’

2.) You’ll have to change the way you present yourself to candidates-You’re going to have to provide candidates with a clear picture of what your company stands for, what kind of career paths you’re offering and anything else that represents your business in a well-defined way. Adam told Inc.com that, ‘The shift is for applicants to go directly to the employer’s site to investigate them and see what they stand for.’

3.) Focus less on experience; more on overall ability & potential-Businesses have a tendency to pay too much attention to a candidate’s experience, rather than his or her potential. Adam addresses this idea in the article, saying, ‘You can’t teach accountability, culture fit or an ownership mindset. (However) You can teach skills.’

These are only three things your company should be focusing on when you hire next and beyond. Click on the link below for more tips on how to enhance your hiring in 2016.

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