Hireology’s New Look: Designed By You!

By Team Hireology,
November 5, 2012

It started a few months ago:

An enthusiastic customer (you know who you are) submitted a lengthy ‘feature request’ email to our product team. Typically, when a customer submits a request, we bring it to the team, assess who else it could help, analyze the length of time needed to build it compared to the amount of impact it could have, and prioritize it in our roadmap accordingly.

But this time was different. This time, the feedback struck a nostalgic chord in our hearts: what this customer was suggesting was that we had entirely outgrown our existing user interface, which had been designed on DAY 10 of Hireology’s birth.


Then, other customers began to chime in, and this is what we heard:

  • We want to add our own interviews 
  • It takes too long to download and open each resume
  • We can’t tell where the candidate’s at in the process
  • We want an easier way to review notes & communicate with each other
  • When we click ‘Hired’ nothing happens
  • We’d like to be able to sort candidates by date added
  • We’d like to be able to ‘share’ a candidate’s resume and docs with other hiring managers
  • Those drop-down menus keep opening and shutting
  • We didn’t know where to order skills testing and background checks
  • We’d like you to recommend which tests we should administer

The list went on. We even had customers send us sketches of the features they’d like added. For example, Marcy Braasch from Home Run Media, a Chicago Based media company went so far as to draw what she wanted our ‘status’ feature to look like:



We came to the realization that the only way we could continue to give our customers what they wanted would be to build a brand new design that would allow our product to grow as rapidly as our customer base. And soÉ In just a few weeks, Hireology will undergo one of the largest enhancements our product has seen. A complete site re-design is under way, and we’re just itching to release it to you.

We’ve addressed every feature our customers have expressed interest in, and then some. For instance, our job details page (Selection Manager) will now be able to accomodate your own custom hiring processes because it is completely dynamic. Our candidate details page will also shed light on the candidate’s entire history with your company. Want to be the first to see it? Sign up for a tour of our new look and be the first to learn about Hireology’s design! Here’s a sneak peek:



Make sure that when it comes time to interview candidates that you are looking for these four essential elements!

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