Hireology’s 12 Most-Viewed Blog Articles of 2012

By Adam Robinson,
December 27, 2012

We wrote a lot of blogs articles over 2012. 145 to be exact! Some of these posts received more attention and interaction then others and we thought it would be a good wrap up to highlight those with the most views. The top 12 most viewed blog posts are below. Check em out and let us know which one you liked best!


The Skinny on Employee Referral Programs 

Your employees should be spending more time on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at work! Think we’re crazy? You will until you have a team of dedicated, engaged, and happy employees. Read this blog post about how to create one heck of a good employee referral program.


Behavioral Interviews: 5 Reasons to use a Scorecard 

If you have already implemented behavioral interviews in your hiring process than you are well on your way to choosing the right person for the job. However if you are not scoring your interviews than you might as well just be back to Googling interviewing questions and asking the first thing that comes to your mind.

Learn how and why a scorecard is the best tool for choosing the right person for the job in this informative blogpost featuring Product Development Director, Margot Nash.


The Candidate Experience: Interviewing for Hireology 

Ever wonder what it’s like to interview for a company that specializes in interviewing? It’s a little intimidating to say the least! This is my account of interviewing and being hired by Hireology and what the experience was like for me, a candidate.


HR Tech Conference 2012: Hireology’s Wrap Up 

Ever heard of a “Carry-All?” After the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, I wrote a synopsis of the week’s events and it got quite a lot of publicity. Since Hireology attended 6 major tradeshows (4 in one month!) us Hireologists had definitions for every attendee and enough conference food to last us the entire year.

Check out our wrap up of HR Tech’s biggest event, you might chuckle a few times.


Attracting Candidates: 5 Companies with Awesome Benefits 

Unlimited paid vacation, free massages, and a keg in the kitchen are some of things we read about when putting together a list of the 5 companies with the best benefits. But that’s not all! Read our breakdown and tell us what kind of benefits you would look for when applying for companies.


Phone Interview Questions – What to ask 

Hireology’s own CEO, Adam Robinson, wrote this popular blog post about the best way to approach a phone interview, what questions to ask, and what you should be looking for. We consider this the most important interview because it is your very first impression of a potential employee. Read this post for tips and advice on how to conduct a phone interview.


Behavioral Interviews: FAQs 

An introductory lesson on behavioral interviewing. Don’t miss this basic class on the most popular interviewing technique. We take the most frequently asked questions and get the answers you are looking for. After you read this one, make sure to scroll up and read all about why using a scorecard will help you choose the right person for the job.


Interviewing Millennials: 5 Tips to Get You Started 

Did you know interviewing millennials isn’t as easy as everyone else? We tell you what you should prepare for, what questions to ask, and what to expect when those 20-somethings waltz into your office.


Are your candidates telling you the truth? 6 Steps to Honest Hiring 

Product Development Director, Margot Nash, gives you advice on how to determine if your candidates are telling the truth without consulting a lie detector test. Find out if you are hiring the most honest employee by reading these 6 steps.


Avoid the Yahoo CEO Mess! Why Background Checks are Important 

How could you forget about good ol’ Scott Thompson the former CEO of the search-engine giant who embarrassed himself, Yahoo!, and the entire HR world by lying on his resume and still getting hired. When the “embellishment” was discovered, every background checking company in the world collectively said “SEE!”

We discuss the consequences of not giving your candidates background checks and how it can impact your organization in this blog article.


The 3 Most Popular Pre Employment Skills Tests 

Verifying every single candidate is the most important part of the hiring process. How else do you know if your candidate has all the skills they say they do? In this informative blog post we give you the 3 most popular skills tests that are ordered by Hireology customers so you can start verifying your candidates today!


5 Resume Red Flags, and How to Find Them 

Another great post by CEO Adam Robinson, where he defines 5 red flags that are commonly found on resumes. In this hilarious post he breaks down what he calls “Goofy File Names,” Title creep, and more scary items that show up on resumes.


So many blog posts so little time. To subscribe to our blog so you never miss one of our popular posts, click here. Otherwise we will see you next year! Have a safe and happy New Years!

Are you going to be hiring in 2013? Make sure you look for these four elements in every candidate! 

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