Hireology Product Update: Revamping the Phone Screen Process

By Natalie Pike,
December 11, 2014

The phone screen is a crucial stage of the recruiting process, where you narrow down your list of promising candidates into the select few who have what it takes to be successful. It is also the first opportunity recruiters and hiring managers have to interact with a candidate and learn about what they can bring to your organization. Yet, given their importance, why do many companies still struggle when conducting phone screens?

There are often two major problems companies encounter. The first is that the individuals conducting the phone screen will often ‘wing it,’ just improvising along the way without a consistent process. Not only does this raise some legal risks, but by not asking each candidate the same questions, it will be more difficult to determine the best person for the job. The other problem is that many companies lack a uniform method for evaluating those conversations, meaning the wrong candidates may be advanced to the next stage and possibly hired.

When done correctly, the phone screen can give you the relevant insight you need in a short amount of time to determine the candidates who should be brought in for an in-person interview. But without a consistent phone screen strategy, and a way to measure and analyze the results, identifying the best candidates is much more difficult.

So what can be done to revamp the process? The answer is consistency; for phone screens to be most effective in identifying quality candidates, the process must be the same for each candidate. Recognizing this need, we recently updated our phone screen guide. The result is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that brings much-needed consistency to phone interviews while helping companies make well-informed, data-based decisions about their candidates. 

What else can Hireology’s updated phone screen do? Consider the following benefits: 

Easy customization: Although the solution provides everything needed to conduct an effective phone screen, users can change the script, drag and drop questions, move sections around and delete questions with ease.

Greater insight into candidates: Hireology’s phone screen guide enables users to see which parts of the job are most important, and they receive a visual representation of what competencies candidates were found to be strong, average or weak. This ensures they get the most value out of the interview and can choose their candidates wisely.

Interview snapshot: At the moment the interview begins, Hireology automatically takes a snapshot of the phone screen guide. Any changes made to the template will apply to all future users of the template, but existing notes will stay intact.

As finding the right talent has become increasingly difficult, employers need every advantage they can get. And more often than not, the phone screen is the crucial stage in which the top candidates are identified and move forward in the hiring process. But for the phone screen to be most effective, the right technology is essential. We’re pleased to provide a solution that can streamline phone interviews and help more companies identify their best candidates faster.


About the Author

Natalie is the Marketing Strategist, responsible for knowing the ins and outs of the SMB Industry, educating prospects on hiring best practices and positioning Hireology as a thought leader in the SMB space. She started at Hireology in 2014, writing blogs, planning events and managing the various social media platforms. Prior to working in the “real world,” she attended Purdue University (Boiler Up!) majoring in Broadcast Communications and competing on the Women’s Water Polo Team.

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