Hireology New features: Job Link and New Candidate Flagging

By Team Hireology,
May 18, 2011

Hireology’s Job Detail page just got better: Now that our users are able to promote their jobs with our new Social Recruiting Console, they’re getting about 40% more applicants than they were getting before! With all these candidates applying to your jobs, most of your feedback has surrounded the topics of job promotion and viewing new candidates. In short, you told us:

  1. We want to immediately see what the job we’re posting looks like to applicants
  2. We want to know which candidates are new and which we have already looked at

I’m happy to announce that you got your wish!

Now, users can click a link to view the job description page you post. This is what candidates see if they open your post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and allows candidates to apply for the job right on the page. Feel free to cut and paste this link into emails, or even request that your employees blast it out to their networks. Promoting your job has never been this easy!

As the new candidates begin to pour in, users will notice that candidates who have not yet been viewed are now flagged as ‘New’. As soon as a user looks at the resume or application, that candidate will no longer be New and the flag will disappear. Now remember to give the thumbs down if you don’t like what you see! Hireology’s got you covered.

After you see candidates start pouring, read our guide on what to look for when hiring salespeople.

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