Hireology Launches Refined Caliper Workplace Personality Assessments Tailored to the Retail Automotive Market

By Team Hireology,
June 2, 2016

Through the Addition of Six New Job Families, Hireology’s Customers Can Now Better Identify Top Talent through Assessments Designed Specifically for Automotive Careers

Hireology, the leading provider of employee selection management technology, has partnered with Caliper Corporation, a pioneer in talent assessment for over 50 years, to launch refined workplace personality assessments designed for the retail automotive market. Through the six new job families comprised of key roles in the retail automotive space, Hireology’s customers using Caliper to evaluate candidate potential will now benefit from new scoring techniques developed specifically for their vertical.

As candidates seeking retail automotive jobs complete a Caliper assessment, they will now be measured against top automotive dealership performers for the corresponding role. These Caliper assessments evaluate candidates for most dealership jobs, including service technicians, online and retail sales associates and general managers.

“Job candidates may tell you exactly what you want to hear during interviews and have a resume that seems perfect for the position, but those elements alone aren’t enough to accurately depict the candidate’s skill sets,” said Adam Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hireology. “Assessments complement other functions of the hiring process by ensuring the candidate truly has the skills necessary to excel in the role. Through our close partnership with Caliper, we were able to bring even more value to our automotive customers by building assessment tests that are tailored for their hiring needs.”

Caliper is backed by over 50 years of personality research and a team of psychology professionals responsible for analyzing 49 competency areas and 22 personality traits across 30 job families for any given role. Its team selects tailored reports based on a customer’s job description to make sure the ratings and assessments are focused on finding the right individual for a specific role. The new retail automotive-specific assessments further refine this to provide even more granular job-fit feedback for retail automotive candidates seeking a variety of dealership-oriented careers.

“Our specialty is in applying the science of hiring to help companies build a better workforce, with more predictive metrics on performance and job role fit to optimize candidate filtering and talent selection,” said Mark Greenberg, president and CEO at Caliper Corporation. “What we are able to do for Hireology is to determine what competencies make an employee good or great at their role, and deliver data-based decision criteria for hiring, applied specifically to the retail automotive market.”

About Hireology

Based in Chicago, Hireology was founded on a simple but powerful concept: by analyzing the behaviors of top-performing employees, organizations can create highly accurate systems for identifying the best candidate for the job. Hireology helps business owners build successful companies by assembling better teams. Hireology’s Intelligent Hiring Framework and industry expertise help businesses streamline and improve their hiring process, resulting in smarter hiring and stronger company performance. Over 2,000 businesses trust Hireology to make better hiring decisions, lower turnover, and increase productivity and profitability. For more information, visit https://hireology.com or follow the brand on Twitter @Hireology.

About Caliper

CALIPER is a leading talent management consulting firm which concentrates on the assessment and development of new hires and existing employees. For more than 50 years, CALIPER has helped over 30,000 organizations worldwide to improve critical aspects of managing talent. CALIPER starts with accurate, objective insights that its consultants gain from the proprietary Caliper Profile, and the company delivers insight to define the right fit which delivers the best behaviors leading to the creation of a first-class company. CALIPER Founder Herb Greenberg, Ph.D., developed the Caliper Profile which has assessed the potential of more than 3.5 million applicants and employees. For more information, visit www.calipercorp.com.

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