Hireology Insight: Use A Behavioral Interview Guide

By Team Hireology,
November 14, 2014

According to our mother’s or the wonderful women who raised us, we are all the most special people in the world-we’re perfect and there’s no one else like us. It’s truly a great feeling if you’re lucky enough to have someone feel that way about you (thanks mom!), even though it’s not necessarily true. However, if we apply this logic to our recruiting process, then we should be hiring people exactly like ourselves, right? Not quite. 

Are You An Entrepreneur? Don’t Hire Yourself, an article recently published in Forbes, talked about the reasoning for hiring people outside of your own personality and exact skills. In the article, the author says, ‘Éas your company grows, those (your) same attributes and skills are not always suited to building a solid, stable company. For that, you need complementary skills, not just more of the same.’

That might be a hard pill to swallow if you’ve believed in the aforementioned logic your whole life. Nevertheless, it’s true what the author says about not wanting to have ‘more of the same.’ 

Advice from a Hireologist

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t ‘hire yourself.’ To elaborate more on this subject, I sat down and spoke with our very own Hireologist, Casey Murray. Here are some of the key points Casey says to consider during your interview process: 

  •       Know what behaviors make a strong candidate for your open position
  •       Know that past behaviors predict future success
  •       Keep an open mind-don’t limit the interview to whether or not you like  the candidate
  •       Take the gut feeling out of the interview with scored interview guides
  •       Use data and analytics to decide if you want to hire the candidate, not whether or not you want to go grab a beer with him or her

One of the best ways to employ some of the key points that Casey mentioned is by using a behavioral interview guide. It’s an easy way to learn what a candidate’s attitude is like and gain a better sense of his or her accountability. Behavioral interviews also allow you to look into a candidate’s past related job success and whether or not he or she is a good culture fit with your company.

So the next time you interview a candidate, keep an open mind. There’s a reason you’re hiring someone to do the work-not yourself. Plus, who knows? The person you’re hiring could be someone you might want to go grab a beer with…or two!

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