Hireology CEO Talks Culture, Raising The Right Capital

By Team Hireology,
December 17, 2015

Money isn’t everything. That’s a highly debated opinion depending on your views of wealth. Nevertheless, it’s a belief that held true when Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson, was trying to raise a Series B of funding for his company.

Back in August of 2014, Hireology closed a $10 million round of Series B funding from Bain Capital Ventures. Adam was recently interviewed by Dignitas to talk about his thought process on raising capital and mentioned the importance of people and culture in a business.

Helping shed a light on what it’s like to raise such capital, Robinson also brought up the importance of having investors who would best fit his company’s team and culture as part of his decision-making:


‘The best price is not the best deal. We were looking for the best investor for our culture and our company. We passed on deals that didn’t work for us.’ said Robinson.

Culture is essential for running any business and that’s something Robinson knows well, seeing that Entrepreneur named his company A Top Company Culture for 2015.

“If you have a good business, you are the scarce asset. There will always be more money than there are quality deals,” said Robinson in the interview.

To read Robinson’s full interview with Dignitas, click here.

It pays off to develop your team and culture before chasing rounds of funding. Regardless of whether you’re running a startup or coaching a little league team, make sure you’re putting together the right people in place and building a culture that best represents your goals and values-success will follow, no matter what kind of form that may be.


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