Hireology CEO Speaks to Business News Daily about Internal Hires

By Team Hireology,
January 13, 2016

You don’t always have to search high and low for your next exceptional employee. Sometimes it’s better to look within your own company to fulfill an open position, rather than starting from the outside. Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson, recently spoke to Business News Daily about the potential of hiring within your organization.

Adam highlighted the pros of internal hires when talking to Business News Daily, saying that:

‘Internal hires are generally much lower-risk candidates. Presumably they are already a fit for the culture and understand the company’s core values, processes, customers and market. Further, management already knows who they are, how they work, their skills, etc.’

While internal hires are always important to consider, it’s still essential to build out every role for your employees before you actually hire. This is what helps add value to your internal talent pipeline and guides your employees down their respective career paths, according to Adam.

‘Sketch out what your employees’ career paths will look like – what the role is, the timeline, etc.,’ Robinson said. ‘This gives your employees a realistic idea of their future with your company [and] provides motivation to work towards a positive outcome.’

Adam goes on to further explain how critical it is for companies to build an internal talent pipeline as it helps retain talent. To read all of Adam’s comments in the Business News Daily article, click here.

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