Hireology CEO Offers Social Media Policy, Insight to AmEx OPEN Forum

By Team Hireology,
March 4, 2016

Policy is best practice, especially when it comes to social media use in the office. That’s what Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson, told American Express’s OPEN Forum in an article published last week. In the article, titled, ‘What You Should Know About Crafting a Social Media Policy,’ Adam highlighted the necessity of having a policy in place at the office:

‘Most companies have a policy for social media and any other communities channel that say if you disparage the company via public forum in a way that harms the brand and reputation of the company, that’s a violation of policy that can result in termination or other disciplinary actions,’ says Adam Robinson, CEO and founder of Hireology. ‘Whether it’s via Twitter, email, signs on the telephone poles, etc., companies don’t want employees disparaging the company on a public stage. With that, there does need to be a balance between letting people speak their mind and saying that they can’t complain.’

Consistency is Essential with Policies

While there needs to be a balance between allowing your employees to have their say on matters and enforcing a ‘no-complaining’ rule, a general policy is usually required to set some sort of parameter as to what people should and shouldn’t do via social media in the office. Adam talked to AmEx OPEN Forum about the importance of consistency with policies, saying that:

‘When it comes to social media policies the key is consistency,’ Robinson continues. ‘Make sure what is allowable and what’s not allowable are explicitly stated and enforced. For example, if you want to prohibit personal use of social media on company time, then it needs to be strictly enforced no matter what the situation is. This means you can’t be selective to who is held accountable for following the policy or not following it. So before choosing a policy, [ask yourself], ÔIs this even enforceable and are we prepared to enforce this?’ If you don’t, that’s how you end up with legal liability.’

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Policies are important to creating a respectful business, yet it’s company culture that sets the bar for accountability among your employees. To get extra tips on how to build the ideal office culture, download the complimentary eBook below.

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