Hireology CEO Discusses Best Hires & Trends with AmEx OPEN Forum

By Team Hireology,
February 4, 2016


Adam_Robinson_November_2015_SQUARE.jpgHow did you make your best hire ever? What’s a small-business trend to consider for 2016?  These are two questions American Express’s OPEN Forum asked several business leaders and entrepreneurs in two separate forums, both of which included Hireology’s CEO, Adam Robinson.

In the first article posted on OPENForum.com, three business leaders were asked how they managed to acquire their best hires. Instead of talking about specific people, Adam commented on his approach to building an entire team of qualified people.

‘The charter I’ve given our key leaders is to find the best people they’re ever worked with and bring them into the company.’ – Adam Robinson

In the second article Adam was featured in, he was asked about what small-business hiring trends can be expected for the rest of 2016. In his response, Adam highlighted the increasing popularity of part-time positions and the candidates they attract.

‘Part-time jobs will become more common. The number of people interested in part-time jobs is growing, and that means the pool of potential candidates for part-time jobs is also improving. Additional candidates for these roles may come from those who are looking for better career opportunities as well as recent graduates searching for entry-level positions.

To read the entirety of both articles, click here and here.

Obtaining Better Hires for Your Business


Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time employees this year, bringing better hires into your office takes an honest effort with a structured process. According to a recent BBC article titled, ‘Science of Hiring Smart,’ the author stresses the importance of a scientific-like process in testing and evaluating job candidates, saying that:

‘Managers responsible for bringing in new personnel can’t rely on a recruit’s resume and past history. Instead, it comes down to an often-difficult-to-gauge combination of motivation, skill set and personality.’

The author continues, saying:

‘For many companies nowadays, hiring is seen more as a science than an art, relying heavily on personality tests and day-in-the-life tryouts. But any manager who’s recruited regularly knows that, even with those tricks, hiring remains perhaps the business world’s biggest gamble. Successful hiring relies on both science and intangible qualities.’

Taking a scientific approach to hiring doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re unable to get everyone’s best former coworker to join your team (similar to what Adam suggested in his interview), then implement a hiring process that evaluates the qualities of the type of people you want working at your company.

Not sure if a structured process is worth the effort? Download the complimentary eBook below and discover why you need to eliminate the guesswork from your current hiring process.


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