Hireology Celebrates Its 5th Birthday

By Team Hireology,
March 6, 2015

What better way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day having a party or more specifically, a company birthday party!? Ok, well our official birthday was on March 1st, but celebrating on a Friday makes more sense than on a Sunday, right? 

Hireology turned 5 years old last weekend. Many things have happened here in the lab (as well as the older labs) over the past five years. Our team has grown from a handful of people to a current total of 77 employees. We went from literally rubbing shoulders in our older offices to working in our current, spacious workplace that overlooks the Chicago River, as well as has wonderful views of Navy Pier and Lake Michigan.

A Brief History of Hireology

It would take much longer than a blog post to describe the crazy ride that this company has been through over the years, so to sum things up, here’s a snap shot of our history:

December 2, 2009-First meeting of our founders: Adam Robinson, Jeff Ellman, Margot Nash, Erin Wasson, and Michael Krasman

March 10, 2010-Hireology gets incorporated and becomes an official company

June 2011-Our beta platform makes its dŽbut at the Society for Human Resources Management Annual Conference in Las Vegas

March 2012-We make our first employee hire: Kevin Baumgart, VP of Sales

July 2012-Secure a Series A Investment of $1 Million from Firestarter Fund

July 2013-Reach 500 customers

August 2013-We grow out of our hallway space and move into a larger office

January 2014-Reach 1,000 customers and secures an additional funding through Lightbank for $1.4 Million

June 2014-We reach 1,500 customers

August 2014-Raise $10 Million in Series B funding from Bain Capital Ventures

December 2014-We move to our new and recent office at 303 East Wacker Drive in the heart of Downtown Chicago

March 6, 2015-We celebrate our 5th birthday!

We want to thank all of our fantastic customers for helping us get to our 5th birthday. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating. Finally-to us and all of the Chicago tech startups celebrating a birthday this month, happy birthday! 

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