Hireology Adds User Permissions Feature

By Team Hireology,
December 5, 2011

Want to add additional users to your Hireology account, but are afraid they might see information, jobs, or candidates that you’d rather keep confidential? Well, have no fear: our User Permissions feature is finally here!

Now, you can create your own user types, and YOU decide what each can and can’t do. Just click on your Settings tab, and you’ll find User Permissions. Once you’ve created your new user type, click on your Users tab, and invite new users or update your current team. Here are some reasons you might want to invite new users, now that you have the ability to set their permissions:

1. To review the job descriptions you’ve created, before “opening” and promoting a new job, invite new users and add them to ONLY the job you’d like them to review.

2. To help you promote a job and source candidates through social media, invite your team re-broadcast your job posting URL to their networks.

3. To share input & collaborate on resumes, interview notes, interview scores, etc.., invite new users to the jobs you’d like their feedback on.

With the new User Permissions feature, you can choose to block or allow the viewing of compensation information, block/allow the viewing of all the jobs in your account, block/allow the viewing of company settings, as well as other potentially confidential functionalities. Now, you can be sure you’re keeping any sensitive information private.

Defining user types and setting permissions has never been this easy. Still want help getting set up? We won’t hold it against you! Just click “feedback & support” in the bottom right corner of your screen, we’ll get you set up, ASAP.

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