Happy Canada Day! How do Canadians hire?

By Adam Robinson,
July 1, 2013

It’s a commonly known around the office that I’m Canadian. Everyday, I dodge jokes about living in igloos and how my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs failed in their bid for the Stanley Cup this year (thanks a lot Blackhawks!)

But as Canada continually posts record hiring numbers, I’m starting to think that maybe my homeland does have an edge over the US in something. 

Below are three hiring trends courtesy of our Northernly Neighbours:

85% of Companies Measure “Quality of Hire”

Yeah, you read that right. More than 3/4ths of Canadian businesses are ensuring they hire the right people. In the same survey61% said “[measuring the quality of hire] had a positive impact on hiring manager skills, 59% said it helped recruiter skills, and 58% said it benefits the recruitment preparation process. According to Manuel Marquez, chairman and CEO of Hudson Global, Inc., measuring quality of hire is a great tool to sustain business success and create and maintain a competitive advantage.”

Besides posting record hiring numbers in May, 2013 (second-largest gain in 37 years!) Canadian hiring managers are determining that the quality of hire is directly impacting the hiring manager’s skills. Pretty smart eh?

They are Utilizing Behavioural Interviewing Questions

Canada’s HR Reporter, stated that “a necessary and effective method [of interviewing] is behavioural interviewing, which reveals a candidate’s experience, level of expertise, thought process and logic.” Almost 25% of Canadian businesses are utilizing behavioural interviews and the number is steadily increasing.

The most popular behavioural interview question is: “Can you describe a difficult work situation and how you handled it?’

Hiring for Culture Fit

The US has broken ground with hiring for culture fit, but Canada’s not far behind. A popular Canadian yoga chain (also found in the US!) Lululemon Athletica, has their employees, no matter how senior, spend 1-day a month in their stores. They do this so the employee can become familiar with the product, the customer, and the atmosphere. Lululemon is known for their cheeky brand image and awesome culture, which is why they only hire team members that will positively impact their culture.

Hireology wants to wish all of our Canadian customers a very Happy Canada Day! Have you tried any of these trends? 

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