Gaining A Competitive Edge Through Your Career Site: Part I

By Team Hireology,
January 27, 2016

Don’t wait until it’s too late! That’s the type of mindset you need to have when trying to stay ahead of your competition. Whether it’s in the fields of athletic or business competition, it always takes some effort to make improvements that’ll eventually help you top the opposition.

There are numerous ways to improve one’s athletic ability or business. In terms of the latter, sometimes the easiest way to make an improvement is by adjusting the basics, such as the way you hire. People are the main core of any business. If you really want to develop your business’s core, then you have to readjust the way you select your employees, starting with your career site.

In a three part series, we’re going to help your business improve its career site-with easy and high impact tips-so you can gain a competitive edge and attract better talent.

Part I: Modernize Your Site to Attract Better Talent

Think of your careers page as a national billboard or TV commercial that best represents your business. There are probably many things you want to tell and/or show your audience about your company, right? In this case your audience are the job seekers surfing the web, looking for a new career opportunity. While this is the main reason for any business to have a careers page, not everyone utilizes it the right way.

One of the worst things you can do for your career site is nothing. Just having one isn’t enough. You have to keep up with the ever-changing trends in tech and social media. If you’re site isn’t, at the very least, equal to that of your competitors then you can say goodbye to the better crop of talent that’ll be applying to jobs elsewhere.


6 Things to Ask Yourself:

Not sure what a modern careers page looks like? Here are some questions that can better help you assess the state of your business’s career site:

1.) Do you have a separate page on your website dedicated for job seekers?

2.) Do you regularly update and post jobs you’re hiring for?

3.) Do you have an easy, quick process for applicants to apply for your jobs on the page?

4.) Are you providing plenty of information about your company on the page, such as: background on company, its culture, expectations, involvement in the community, etc.?

5.) Are you displaying any video, links or photos that better explain your business and workplace environment?

6.) Does your site have the appropriate links connected to job postings and social media sites?

These are only a few questions that can help you better measure the state of your careers page. If you’re missing anything, don’t worry. These are all simple fixes that can be made within the office. Like gaining any other competitive edge, all it takes is a little effort.

This only part one of our blog series ‘Gaining A Competitive Edge Through Your Career Site.’ Be sure to check back to the Hireology blog for part two when we’ll talk about how you can better promote your site.

Polishing your careers page is helpful, but what about getting more applicants in your talent pool? Click on the link below for tips on how to get (many) more candidates by next week.

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