Gaining A Competitive Advantage Through Your Career Site: Part III

By Team Hireology,
January 29, 2016

‘This is how we do it!’ While it’s not Friday night just yet, we hope you all feel alright. Besides quoting the great Montell Jordan’s classic hit on a Friday, it’s always good to see how others do what they do.

In the final segment of our blog series on the competitive advantage of an improved career site, we’re going to share some examples of companies that are utilizing their site the right way and why.

Numerous companies have successful career pages, but for the sake of brevity before the weekend, here are just a few that have great sites that attract quality talent (click on the images to view each company’s career pages):

Part III: 3 Companies That Do Their Career Site Right & Why


HubSpot has a brief but convincing careers page. Including a humorous recruiting video, HubSpot does a great job of giving job seekers a clear idea of what the company is all about, what kind of positions they offer and what working there is like. They also have nice design that allows visitors to easily navigate the page and get the necessary information needed for potential applicants.

What makes this site exceptional:

  • Their layout and content is inviting towards visitors
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • Use employee quotes
  • Highlight company culture and employee perks


UrbanBound does a great job of making visitors feel welcome on their careers page. They have a simple, yet attractive design that organizes the page quite well. They also include nice pictures of their staff, easy access to information on each department of their company and feature their open positions clearly on the center of their page. One thing that makes UrbanBound’s career page stand out is that they highlight and post an interview with their CEO, which gives job seekers a better image of what the company and its culture.

What makes this site exceptional:

  • Their design is simple, but effective
  • They clearly show and explain the different departments and teams within the company
  • They highlight their open positions in the center of the page
  • Use an insightful interview with their CEO


Gensler offers a complete careers page with plenty of information for job seekers. On top of a video, Gensler provide visitors and job seekers just about everything they need to know what life working at their company is like. Their site is designed for easy viewing with access to a handful of resources, such as all open positions, benefits, company culture and directions on how to apply to their jobs.

What makes this site exceptional:

  • Use an informative video about the business
  • They provide plenty of helpful resources for job seekers
  • They also provide links to all of their social media pages
  • They offer directions on ‘how to apply’ for their applicants

All of these companies have something in common with their sites: they provide valuable information-all of which is easy to comprehend and access on their website-that welcomes job seekers, convincing them to apply to their open positions. They also, most likely, provide better reasons as to why applicants should choose to work for them, compared to their competitors.

Keep these designs in mind the next time you’re rebuilding your career site. This is a powerful place where you can have a positive effect on who you choose to bring into your company and ultimately help build a better business.

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