Gaining A Competitive Advantage Through Your Career Site: Part II

By Team Hireology,
January 28, 2016

Come one, come all! Anytime we do something well or are excited about something specific, we want to tell people about it-it’s a natural human reaction. Exciting news should never be kept to oneself, otherwise what’s the point if you’re not going to eventually share the news?

Your company’s job postings are similar in the sense that the fact that you’re hiring IS big news and that it SHOULD be shared with everyone.

In part one of this blog series, we talked about how a modern, updated career site can help your business attract top talent. To really grab the attention of better job candidates, you have to show off your updated site and fully promote your open positions. Otherwise, don’t expect to gain much traffic to that part of your website.

Part II: Promoting Your Careers Page

Promoting your jobs can be simple, inexpensive and effective if you know what you’re doing. It’s also an easy way to get ahead of your competitors. You want to be louder and more enthusiastic with your hiring approach compared to your competition. Job seekers will be much more likely to apply for your open positions if you show a little gusto.

In order to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything you can do to attract the right job seekers, here are some useful tips to fully promote your career site:

  • On your company website, make sure your careers page is visible and accessible on the home page
  • Create a banner on the homepage that mentions your hiring – ‘Click here to see our open positions’
  • Post your all of your current open positions on your page and be sure to close the ones you’ve already filled
  • Write a blog and provide a link to your job postings
  • Share careers link on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube (create a hiring video), Google+, etc.) and let everyone know you’re currently hiring
  • Email signatures – Have your employees add a link to your careers page with a note saying something like, ‘We’re hiring!’
  • Ask to post a message with a link to your careers page on your business partners’ websites and/or networks

Get creative about the way you promote your careers site. Don’t let your competitors outdo your approach to hiring. No matter how you choose to promote your site and job openings, ensure that you’re using the right channels that best fit for your company and its culture. If you represent your business well on your site, you’re more likely to attract the type of talent and personalities you’ll want working for your company.

There are countless ways you can grab an applicant’s attention; just make sure they can get to your site with ease and see what your company has to offer.

Don’t forget to visit the Hireology blog tomorrow, as we’ll conclude the blog series, ‘Gaining A Competitive Edge Through Your Career Site’ and highlight examples of companies with great career pages.  

Have you thought about what type of person you want to hire? Click on the link below for some tips on how to identify the best hire for your company.

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