Franchise Hiring: How to Hire Educators Over Summer Break

By Beth Kempton,
June 22, 2017

School’s out for summer, which means teachers, tutors and other education professionals are already looking ahead to lesson plans for next school year, or searching for new job opportunities during their time off. And if you run an education franchise such as a tutoring facility or early childhood education center, summer break is an ideal time to ramp up your franchise hiring.

Here are several tips to make your education franchise hiring process as efficient as possible.

Build a compelling career site

As teachers and other education professionals research new opportunities for the upcoming school year, they’ll likely take your overall online presence – including your career site – into consideration. Create a strong career site that highlights your school’s culture and benefits. Include other teacher testimonials on your career site, so prospective applicants can see what others enjoy most about working for your institution. Also consider collecting student or parent quotes so applicants can see the positive impact they can have by working for your education center. And most importantly, include a list of open positions, so educators can apply directly through your career site.

Follow a proven hiring process

Finding qualified educators is an increasingly difficult task, due to tough competition and shrinking talent pools. To attract top teachers, tutors and administrators, follow a proven hiring process that moves qualified candidates quickly through each step – so you don’t lose top talent to competitive offers. A proven, repeatable hiring process enables you to manage all hiring activity – writing job descriptions, posting to job boards, interviewing candidates, scoring interviews and running background checks – from one easy-to-use platform. By following a more efficient hiring process, you can create a more positive candidate experience and fill open educator roles quickly.

Customer Testimonial:

“Having the application, resume and references all centralized, and the same process across all of our locations helps us hire better. Setup was easy enough and intuitive that it has been integrated and working well.”

– Amy Gardner, President and Owner, Sylvan Learning


Tailor interviews to each role

The interview process for education centers and institutions varies by role and must be tweaked to ensure you’re asking each candidate the right questions. By implementing and following a proven hiring process, you can screen tutors, teachers, professors and administrators with tailored, customizable interview guides and tracks for each role.

To gain a better understanding of each candidate’s skillset and potential culture fit, schedule several rounds of interviews. Start with a phone screen to walk through the candidate’s resume and general background information. If the phone interview goes well, move on to in-person interviews to dive deeper into the candidate’s background and determine if he or she would be the right culture fit to educate students at your business. Completing several rounds of interviews increases the likelihood of hiring your next top employee, rather than relying on gut feelings and first impressions.

Interview Help: Download the Hireology Interview Guide for educational centers »

Complete background and reference checks

Even if your candidates ace their interviews, make sure not to skip background and reference checks. Parents put their trust in educators’ hands – not only to teach their children, but to provide a safe learning environment – so completing background and reference checks is vital to hiring your best team. Both of these verifications ensure information your candidates shared during the screening process is accurate, as more than half (56 percent) of employers have caught lies on resumes.

Background checks can help you rest assured knowing employment records are correct, and degrees and certifications were earned. And reference checks provide firsthand feedback about educators’ teaching styles, strengths and weaknesses before you make a final hiring decision.

Alway look for A+ Educators

While hiring educators during summer break can help you capture top candidates looking for positions in the new school year, summer isn’t the only time for education center hiring. Your school should constantly have at least a handful of job openings on your career site to catch top educators whenever they may be looking to make a career move. A continuous hiring strategy enables you to build your network, capture passive candidates and showcase your employment brand, among other benefits.

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