Franchise Hiring: 10 tips for the multi-unit franchisee

By Adam Robinson,
August 13, 2013

Own a few franchise locations? Admit it, you have a teeny hiring headache right? Or maybe it’s a migraine. Either way as a multi-unit franchisee, you need to be in control of your hiring process, or face the consequences. Ready to organize your selection process? Follow the 10 tips below.

Here are 10 hiring tips for the multi-unit franchisee

10. Implement a system-wide process

The most important tip in this list is to implement a system-wide process. This means that every location you own, whether it be 2 or 10, understands the hiring process and uses the same tools.

Trust us, this is the first step to curing your hiring headache. 

9. Trash these tools:

  • Resume tracker

  • Video interviewing

  • Resume parsing

  • Lie detector tools

Why? They are all unnecessary tools that stand as a roadblock to hiring the right person. Check out this blog post for details on why each tool should be on its way to the HR dumpster.

8. Grab the right tools:

Here’s where you invest in the right tools. Kerry Pipes, the Executive Editor from Franchise Update Media Group, wrote in an article titled You’re Hired!: Hiring Experts Share Insights On Best Practices, that: “Hiring right requires the right tools. More and more, these tools can be found in automated, web-based systems, sometimes called talent management systems.”

We agree.

Invest in some web-based hiring technologies that each location can utilize without downloading software, using hardware, or sharing discs. It’s all about the cloud!

7. Build your candidate pool:

When you have the right tools in place, it’s time to start building your talent pool. Start by posting your open positions to job board aggregators like,, which results in a broader search by candidates.

Also utilize niche job boards like SnagAJob for hourly employees, for caretakers, or Salesgravy for sales positions. Incorporating niche job boards into your hiring process results in better qualified and more experienced candidates.

6. “Your mom knows someone good to hire”

No really… She does! Customer, employee, and family referrals are often the number one source of hires in a small business. Make the most out of your friends and family and ask them to help you source great candidates by posting about your job on social networks, sending out an email, or calling up someone personally.

5. Enforce interview guides

This tip is so important! Having every location using the same interview guides for every interview is the beginning of an organized hiring process. No idea how to craft an interview guide? First of all, don’t Google interview questions. Second of all, don’t use “weird” interview questions.

Third of all, follow our lead: 3 Steps to Create Great Customized Interview Guides 

4. Everyone gets a background check

Verify, verify, verify! As a multi-unit franchisee, you have to protect your business and your assets. Don’t risk losing it all to an un-verified employee who steals money out of our cash register every shift.

Need more convincing? Here’s our CEO, Adam Robinson’s case for conducting background checks.

3. Skilled labor? Everyone gets a skills test too

Hiring skilled laborers? Verify their skills with a skills test to ensure they have the knowledge they need to complete the job at hand. Many skills tests are under $20, done completely online, and email you the results within 24-hours. What more can you ask for?

2. Get social

Attracting millennials to your open positions doesn’t have to be hard. By updating your social media sites frequently with photos of team members, open jobs, and interactive statuses, you can increase your social media presence and attract Gen Y candidates.

Why are Gen Y candidates important? They provide a new wealth of knowledge to your locations, increase the energy, and tend to help build your culture.

Check out our Millennial Monday blog posts each week for information on how to hire millennials.

1. Love your hiring process

The final tip is to love your hiring process. You have to trust that your locations are using the best process and are hiring the best possible candidates. Once you love your hiring process, the rest will follow suite.

Want to love your hiring process? Quit making silly mistakes! Check out our top 5 reasons you make bad hiring decisions…

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