Five ways to fail during the hiring process

By Team Hireology,
September 27, 2014

Nobody likes a failure (said the mean gym coach to the fat, 3rd grade version of myself), especially the C-suite executives running your company. It’s easy to make mistakes at work; it’s only human. However, if your job is to perform the same tasks frequently, then it’s vital to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

As the great NASA Flight Director and Manager Gene Kranz once said, ‘Failure is not an option.’

If you’re a recruiter or HR manager, this is especially true. Hiring the wrong candidate for an open position can be costly for your company. Not only does turnover actually cost you money in the long run, it also disrupts company culture and workflow. Not to mention it also completely ruins the office fantasy football league!

There are several ways to avoid making mistakes during the hiring process, yet the best way to do so is by recognizing what causes such errors. Having knowledge of where you faltered before can only help you succeed in the future. Below are five common ways managers make poor hiring decisions.

1.) Too quick to hire

Sometimes there’s pressure to hire quickly; that’s understandable. Yet it’s also necessary to not rush the process. As I mentioned earlier, turnover is costly, so take your time. Make sure the candidate that you’re interviewing is qualified and legitimately interested in the opportunity.

2.) Ignoring background checks & tests 

It may not be necessary for every open position, but it’s not a bad idea to conduct background checks and skills tests for you candidates. This might be one of the easiest ways dodge the ‘I hired an axe murderer’ bullet, as well as see who is truly capable of successfully working at your company.  

3.) Poor job descriptions

This is a common mistake and definitely one that’s so easy to avoid. Job descriptions are like mini advertisements for your company. They’re like the peephole into your company culture, so take your time when writing up these descriptions. Get creative and detailed about the open position, as well as your what your company is like. You want to attract candidates, not scare them away with boring content.

4.) Horrible interview questions

Much like poor job descriptions, using bad interview questions can scare candidates away. They can also be costly if they’re illegal, so do your homework and see what types of questions are appropriate and insightful for the specific position. 

5.) Overlooking culture fit

Your company culture is essential to everyday business. You want to be certain that your candidate is a great culture fit. Even if you have a candidate that’s brilliant, if he or she isn’t the best fit for your workplace environment, there’s a good chance that person will not stick around for the long run.  Plus, you want to enjoy working with the people in your office, not loathe going into the office every morning because ‘Johnny’ loves preaching Scientology at the water cooler and eats all of the jelly donuts!

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