Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring This Week

By Adam Robinson,
August 30, 2013

Every week we recap the 5 most interesting and useful hiring articles posted in the past 5 days.

For the week of August 26, here are the top 5 best posts we saw:

1. Are You Sitting Down? Well, It’s Important You Stand Up to Read This 

You know sitting down might just might kill you right? Mike Kappel’s article on TLNT really hit home for our office because all of us spend 50+ hours a week sitting in our chairs staring at a screen. However passionate you are about your job, you still need to get up once in awhile!

Read why you should invest in a standing desk here. 

2. The New College-grad Test Is Better Than GPA, But Proceed With Caution 

One of our favorite writers, Dr. Wendell Williams, wrote about an HR buzz topic this week on His first sentence? “As long as I have been in business, hiring managers have been trying to pin a magic number on job candidates in the hope it will indicate future job performance.” You know it’s going to be good with an opening like that.

Read the full article here. 

3. “I love doing reference checks!” Said no one ever.

We released our latest ebook a few days ago! Check out How to do the Perfect Reference Check, which is a 15-page guide to completing an informative and successful reference check on your candidates. The guide includes “must ask” reference check questions, useful technology, and how to request references.

Download the full guide here. 

4. 5 Interview Questions Your PM Candidate Doesn’t Want You to Ask 

Blogging4Jobs author, Sara Gallagher, wrote an informative article about interviewing project managers and what questions they hate! This inquisitive article highlights 5 important questions (most that I never think to ask!) and gives reasons why they make PM’s squirm.

To read about the 5 interview questions PM candidates hate, click here. 

5. Kathryn Minshew: A Simple Guide to Hiring and Managing Interns 

Our friends at has some pretty awesome content. This video with founder, Kathryn Minshew, covers how to hire and manage interns. She touches on how to prepare a structured guide and make them feel welcome.

Watch the full video here. 

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