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By Team Hireology,
September 13, 2013

5 Things To Do In Order To Build The Perfect Team

In order for your company to be successful, you have to have a team of employees who are willing to work for you, and work well together. Eric Holtzclaw touches on the five tactics that employers should implement in order to build the perfect team: 

1. Recognize each individual has their own strengths, and use these strengths and allow each person to shine.
2. Encourage enployee transparency. Be sure to bring your employees together and help them understand each other. 
3. Lay down the law. Your team members need to know the rules and how you like to operate. 
4. Let them know you’re a team player. You team members must know you have their back.
5. Provide incentives. Create goals that team members can work towards, and give rewards when these goals are reached. 

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Searching For The Perfect Candidate? You’ll Never Find It.

When looking for new candidates to hire, companies often fall into the trap of looking for the perfect candidate, when essentially there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. 

There are three things that companies tend to do that hint they are looking for a candidate who doesn’t exist. First, employers will recognize they have a need for a new hire because they see a skill set that they need. They will begin adding more skills needed to the list, until eventually the list is infinitely long. Second, employers look at the perfect resumes and the interviewees who have the best past. This weeds out the potential candidates that are problems solvers and are able to bounce back from failure. Lastly, employers search for the candidate that appears to be what they think the employee should look like, instead of considering their skill sets.

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy 

Do you want your employees to be the most productive that they can be? So does everyone else. The key to productive team members is keeping them happy. Don Charlton sheds light on four ways to keeping employees happy and increasing their productivity.

1. Autonomy. Hire the best fit for the position, and then get out of the way. Giving an employee space creates a better work environment.
2. Give reason. Giving an employee purpose and letting them know their are valuable to the company causes them to want to work harder.
3. Importance. Let the employee know that their words, thoughts, feelings, etc are valued by the company.
4. Expectations. Employees are also expecting certain things out of you. Meet these needs and they will remain happy!

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The Right Way To Reject A Candidate

Rejecting a candidate is never a fun thing to do, especially if there were a few candidates that you liked. It is important that companies realize that there is a right and wrong way to go about rejections. There are many things that should be done in order to essentially “save face”. Companies should remember that these candidates may be a good fit in the future.

It is key that you are prompt in your rejection. If you liked the candidate, speak up. You may want the candidate to apply in the future, so treating then with respect is a must. Second, be sure to reference your position requirements. Rank your criteria and use these to give feedback. Lastly, stay in touch with these potential future employees. Let them know that you enjoyed their interview and also make it known that you plan to stay in touch. 

Interview Questions: The Right Reason For Asking Questions

Often, there are two different reasons that interviewers are asking certain questions. One of these is the correct way, and the other should be avoided at all costs.

It is important for employers to recognize whether their questions are meant to actually find out information about the candidate, or if they are just asking questions to make themselves feel powerful. Asking questions to make yourself feel superior to the interviewee should be avoided! Instead, treat your interview as if it were a date, and really get to know the potential employee. If the question you are asking isn’t going to get you important information about the interviewee, don’t ask it! 

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