Enhancing Time Management With Better Hiring

By Team Hireology,
November 5, 2015

Do you ever feel like the workday slips away or gets the best of you? We often hear people say, ‘Make the most of your time’ or ‘Time is of the essence.’ These old sayings ring true for us all; we understand there can always be a better way to make use of our time. However, it’s difficult to actually ‘seize the day’ on a consistent basis when you’re running a business.

Every day offers something different from the last, and if you run your own business, you know that this is true when hiring employees. Things come up and we have to do our best to balance our regular workloads on top of trying to find and hire qualified candidates; which can be tricky. While there may never be a cure for imperfect time management skills, there are ways to vastly improve how you spend your time at the office and hire new employees.

Before you can make progress, there’s one thing you have to accept about the hiring process as an owner or manager:

‘No matter what, you’re going to spend time on people. You can choose to focus 70% of your time managing bad performer or 30% of your time on hiring the right people.’ Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology

How can you make this work? Using employee selection management technology is one way you can free up your own time without worrying about whether or not you’re hiring the right people.

3 Ways Better Hiring Saves You Time

1.)  Focus on your work, not others-as a business owner or manager, your main focus should be on running the business, not searching for candidates and checking whether or not their resumes align with the needs of your open position. Having smart hiring software allows you and/or your hiring manager to breeze through the most qualified candidates information in one platform.

By sourcing candidates online through various job boards, collecting resumes and applications for you, hiring software allow you to save time by simply reviewing the candidate’s information the software collected for you-rather than doing all of the searching yourself.

2.)  Use phone screens to weed out the unqualified-phone screens are the easiest way to identify candidates who are qualified enough to come into your office for face-to-face interviews. A phone interview typically lasts about 20 minutes. If you brought in all of your preferred candidates into your office for face-to-face interviews, which take much longer than phone screens, then you’d be spending unnecessary, extra hours talking to people you’re not going to hire.

If you’re going to use hiring technology, make sure you’re getting a system that provides you with phone screens, interview scorecards and pre-fixed questions provided for you. Otherwise you’ll be spending time doing everything yourself or worry about whether or not your hiring manager is selecting the right amount candidates for in-person interviews.

3.)  Stick to a schedule-it’s typically easier to accomplish daily goals when you have them mapped out or follow a strict schedule; you know when to work on the things that need to get done, versus getting sidetracked and rushing to finish that one thing you wanted to complete for the day.

The same can be said about using a schedule for your hiring process. If you or your hiring manager has multiple candidates in the hiring pool, how do you expect to make a qualified hire, in a timely manner, without sticking to a schedule? Implementing an employee selection management system that easily builds an efficient schedule for you (with just a few clicks) saves you hours during the course of hiring. There’s no need for shifting through multiple schedules, fighting for time here and there when you can do it all in one place-that also sends out reminders (both via email and phone calls) to your candidates.

Building a business takes time and with the right employees. While it’ll always take some time to find the best-fit candidates during the hiring process, don’t spend any more time on it than you must. Employee selection management software helps you find the type of candidates who can hit the ground running after you hire them, without much managing.

Save time with better hiring or waste it using the old-fashioned way?

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