Employee Referrals: Hiring for success, achieving happiness

By Adam Robinson,
January 2, 2013

I’m sure that you’ve heard “to be truly happy, you must be doing something you love.” Whether you agree or disagree with this statement, there’s no denying that going to work each morning is much easier when you actually like what you do. But in an article recently published on TLNT.com, Tim Sackett stated he believes that is “complete garbage” and that work success does not equal happiness nor does engagement lead to happiness. 

We’re not so sure we agree with his views; at least at Hireology, we’ve found that happiness leads to success. Of course you can’t force anyone to be happy, but there are plenty of ways to organically grow it. One of the easiest, most effective ways to do so is to build an employee referral program. 

Let’s take a look at how employee referrals can ultimately lead to happiness in the workplace. 

Don’t just put together some documents, shove them in a file and forget where you put them; actively build your employee referral program. Whether you have to start from the ground up or continue to nurture it as you go, not only will you begin to see a stronger flow of qualified candidates, but in turn you’re more likely to make better hiring descisions. 

Even if a seasonsed employee doesn’t necessarily like what they do, they are still likely to recommend the company to their friends and family just because they like the culture. By hiring those referrals who are well-qualified, the culture will continue to flourish and will lead to more satisfaction and happiness within the company overall, even if it isn’t in a specific position.

But a strong culture will do more than encourage happiness amongst your employees, it will encourage them to work harder. Whether their motives are to work harder so they can leave early and go to the bar with some colleuges, or so they can make their way up the ladder and work alongside some of their favorite co-workers, a happy, motivated team always leads to success. Plus, when everyone is able to work well together, projects are completed more accurately and efficiently. What manager wouldn’t want that?

About the Author

Adam co-founded Hireology with the mission to help growing companies make better hiring decisions through data and better technology. Adam is passionate about entrepreneurship, donating time to a number of organizations that support the entrepreneurial cause. Adam completed his undergraduate study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received his MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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