Employee Engagement: How to Go From 10 to 100 Team Members

By Natalie Pike,
March 5, 2015

Culture, culture, culture. Can we possibly repeat ourselves any more? Yes – we can and we will. If your business doesn’t have a strong company culture, you’re doing something wrong. If your employees aren’t happy, I can promise they won’t stick around for much longer. You want to build a business that’s full of positivity and eagerness to improve. Who wants to walk into a sterile and disengaging environment every single day? Not me. 

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, wrote an article in Inc. Magazine this week. His company has gone from 20 to over 500 employees in the last 40 months. “I so intensely did not want to become what I had seen so many other companies become, and that’s a place for unhappy minds,” he said. “There are many ways that VaynerMedia has been able to retain such a strong sense of culture, and they are certainly not all because of me. But I made a few keys decision early on, set standards that I did not want to be shifted whatsoever, to ensure that we started out right.” 

Vaynerchuk gives one key piece of advice for building a strong company culture and it has to do with hiring and firing. He mentions how most companies base their decisions on money. For example, “Oh, we have the budget to hire another designer. Let’s do it.”

You’re dealing with people, not contracts. To treat an individual’s job prospects as a financial return or investment is the wrong way to approach it. You need to consider the emotional side of this action. When it comes down to it, people need to be happy with where they are. And that begins, ends and always has to do with who you hire, and how people leave.

5 More Ways to Build a Great Company Culture via Inc.

  • Value Staff Opinions
  • Creat Bonding Rituals
  • Forget About Weaknesses
  • Ask Questions, Don’t Guess
  • Nurture Young Leaders

The focus on your organization’s culture can easily slip through the cracks. Whether you like it or not, it should be one of your utmost priorities. Struggling to grow the business or maintain your current employee engagement? Take Vaynerchuk’s advice. He went from 20 to 500 employees…I’d say he knows what he’s talking about.

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