Elevate 2017: Q&A with Hireology CEO Adam Robinson

By Beth Kempton,
August 30, 2017

Elevate 2017, the retail automotive industry’s first event focused exclusively on human capital management, is coming up in just a few short weeks. At the event, Hireology, along with Cox Automotive and NADA, will bring together more than 100 dealership General Managers, Dealer Principals and HR leaders to discuss strategy and tactically build their 2018 human capital management plans.

To learn more about the event, we sat down with Hireology co-founder and CEO, and featured Elevate speaker, Adam Robinson. Below are some highlights from our discussion with Adam about why he’s excited for Hireology to host the first-ever retail automotive human capital management event.

Why did Hireology decide to host a human capital management summit?

Hireology was the first technology provider focused on helping automotive dealerships succeed through a better hiring process and employment branding. When we entered the market in 2014, we were practically begging retail automotive conference organizers to include our topic in their programming. Fast forward to 2017, and the majority of conferences in automotive now include a substantial amount of hiring-related content and speaking sessions. And I thought, “Why aren’t we owning this conversation? We need to plant a flag and organize a conference around our passion for helping dealers build great teams.”

What are you most looking forward to about Elevate?

I’m excited that the retail automotive industry is evolving its approach to the people side of the business, and that an event such as Elevate is even possible now. The fact that we’ve sold out the inaugural event is a testament to the evolution of this industry and continued emphasis on hiring the best teams possible.

What do you hope Elevate attendees will learn at the event?

If we’re successful delivering what we’ve promised to attendees, they’ll walk out of our event with a playbook for their human capital strategy in 2018.  Attendees will learn critical concepts and new approaches to winning in their market, based on better hiring and retention.

What are some of the key hiring and retention challenges facing retail automotive today?

The biggest issue I see in most dealerships is that they don’t treat the people side of their business like the critical part of operations that it truly is. This lack of focus leads to increased employee turnover and increased difficulty attracting the right people to work in the store.

How can dealerships overcome these challenges?

Dealerships must first decide that it’s time to focus on – and invest in – the people side of the business. Second, they have to put a process in place that managers can follow and to which they can be held accountable. Third, dealerships should invest in their employment brand, and put tools in place that help attract the right applicants to their open positions.

Join us for Elevate

Seats for Elevate 2017 are filling up fast, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from Adam and several other experts in the retail automotive space, and leave the daylong event empowered to take action on building your best team.

Elevate will take place on September 19, 2017 at the Hilton Rosemont/Chicago O’Hare, located at 5550 N. River Road in Rosemont, Illinois. Click here to register for the first-ever automotive human capital management event.

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Beth is the content strategist on Hireology’s marketing team, responsible for creating compelling blog posts, eBooks, marketing materials and other content. Her background includes five years of experience at a B2B digital marketing agency, where she crafted content for a variety of clients, including several in the HR technology space. Before beginning her career, Beth attended Loyola University Chicago, where she studied advertising and public relations.

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