Elevate 2017: Playbooks and Moderated Workshops Foster Collaboration

By Team Hireology,
September 29, 2017

Hireology recently hosted the retail automotive industry’s first human capital management summit, Elevate 2017. At the summit, more than 100 dealership General Managers, Dealer Principals and HR leaders joined together to discuss best practices for turning their people into a source of competitive advantage.

We shared several of the key takeaways from Elevate 2017, including the importance of dealerships prioritizing the people side of the business, why company culture isn’t one-size-fits-all and how to use marketing to attract candidates. In addition to the compelling content from retail automotive industry leaders throughout the day, Elevate 2017 featured a unique format including a human capital management playbook and moderated workshops, which we’ve outlined below.  

Human Capital Management Playbook

Each Elevate 2017 attendee received a printed playbook to guide learning and collaboration throughout the day to help them take action on refining their own hiring and talent management processes. For each speaking session, the playbook provided an overview of the topic and speaker, key questions and takeaways to consider throughout the session and brief activities for attendees complete before and after each session. The activities helped attendees measure the health of their human capital management strategy and identify actionable next steps for improvement.

For example, prior to a panel discussion on “Sourcing Strategies and Driving ROI Across Channels,” attendees identified whether their candidate sourcing strategy is a strength or development area and following the session, attendees planned out next steps to turn the candidate sourcing strategy into a strength area.

Beyond the interactive components during each speaking session, the playbook also included relevant case studies and resources, such as a checklist for a strong employment brand and an overview of the dealership of the future. During and following the event, several attendees shared feedback that the playbook was unlike anything they’ve seen at an event and helpful for determining best practices to build out their 2018 human capital management strategy.

Moderated Workshops

In addition to leveraging the human capital management playbook, time was scheduled at the end of each speaking session for attendees to participate in a moderated workshop discussion. Each table included a dedicated moderator, who facilitated conversations and collaboration between dealership leaders. During the discussions, participants at each table worked together to fill out the playbook and identify key pain points and opportunities for improvement in their human capital management strategy. The discussions gave attendees the opportunity to network with fellow leaders in the retail automotive space and determine next steps to put human capital management concepts – such as building a great employment brand or sourcing the right candidates – into practice. The moderated workshops enabled attendees to be truly engaged throughout the day, rather than sitting through traditional conference speaking sessions and walking away with pages of notes and no actionable next steps.

Once again, we’d like to sincerely thank our sponsors, Cox Automotive, NADA, ESI Trends and Kain Automotive, and all attendees for making Elevate 2017 a success. We’re already looking forward to our second-annual event in 2018.

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