Elements of Success: Feature of the Week

By Team Hireology,
May 23, 2011

We’ve all seen it: Candidate has great experience on resume; candidate comes in for interview; candidate was top performer in 4 previous jobs; candidate gets hired; 3 months in, candidate is NOT performing how he/she promised they would.

“Who interviewed this guy?” you might ask…before remembering it was you.

Maybe your candidate was embellishing their experience, and you fell for it.  On the other hand, maybe not.  At Hireology, we know that the structure of the job is just as important as the candidate when it comes to evaluating fit.  Your bad hiring choice could have been prevented with some tweaks to your assumptions about what it would take for a person to be successful in your unique role.

Hireologists have discovered a standard set of elements, or candidate characteristics, that are needed in order for a person to succeed in various types of jobs. We call this the “Elements of Success.”

In a matter of minutes, Hireology can help you identify the TOP 20 Elements of Success for your distinctive role. Our customers “customize” the Elements measured in their interview questions by responding to task statements such as “We have no formal sales process for this role, so this person will have to figure things out as they go.”

We know that if you answer “True” for this statement, certain traits must be present in order for this individual to succeed. So, if your candidate was successful in past jobs and not yours, it is quite possible their previous jobs did not require them to “figure it out as they go” and this candidate lacked the resourcefulness needed to be successful in this role.

Using Hireology, we tell you the questions to ask in your interview to get at your job’s Elements of Success. With Hireology’s Job Analysis help, you’ll never have to guess what to focus on in an interview again.

Don’t make any of these eight common interviewing mistakes! 

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