eBook: How Hireology Can Save Your Dealership Time & Money

By Team Hireology,
September 22, 2016



Are you aware of what your hiring efforts are costing your dealership? The results might shock you.


According to our data and insights from industry experts:


  • Today, 70% of a dealership’s gross margin is tied to the dealership staff: $58 billion across the industry, according to Driving Sales
  • On average, it takes nearly 30 days to make a new hire, which costs an average of $3,000 per new hire (including hard and soft costs)
  • Nevertheless, retail auto is still facing high turnover (71% in sales turnover according to the NADA)


In other words: money down the drain and wasted time.


This is a costly issue affecting the retail automotive landscape, yet most dealerships aren’t doing anything to improve their hiring efforts. To help educate dealerships on how to improve their overall hiring process, we released our latest eBook, ‘How Hireology Can Save Your Dealership Time and Money.‘ We want you to realize the benefits of having a real process to your hiring. We gathered all the stats and facts-all you have to do is give this a quick read.


eBook Takeaways:

  • Calculate your dealership’s hiring costs
  • Save money on your hiring process
  • Gain time back by using a better process
  • Ensure the quality of your hires


Discover the value you can add to your dealership’s gross margin by having a better hiring process that gives you a stronger staff. To read the eBook now or save it for a rainy day, just click on the link below-compliments of Hireology!  

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