eBook: 5 Things The ‘Best Dealerships To Work For’ Have In Common

By Team Hireology,
October 21, 2016

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5 Things The ‘Best Dealerships To Work For’ Have In Common

What does the blueprint to a well-structured office environment look like?


Now in its fifth year, Automotive News has just released their annual list of 100 ‘Best Dealerships to Work For.’ It’s a program ‘dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the retail automotive industry,’ according to Automotive News. Needless to say, it’s a big deal for those dealerships cracking the top 100.


What can a dealership do to become a ‘Best Dealership To Work For’ (BDTWF) and strengthen their employer reputation?


There is no single answer to this question. For most dealerships, a positive workplace environment happens organically as the leadership team recognizes the investment in finding high-caliber employees. However, there are common characteristics top dealerships share which make them excellent employers-and there are steps any dealership can take to help build their identity as an employer. All they need to know is where to start.


In this eBook, we’ll outline the five common traits all ‘Best Dealerships to Work For’ have in common, as well as tips on how to improve dealership culture across the retail auto industry.


1. Authentic Company Culture


Why go out of the way to build a workplace that focuses on employee culture?


‘When employees feel cared about as people, I’ve found they do their best work. They also stay longer, work harder, and produce more, which makes caring an amazing rate of increase. It’s a win-win for everyone. This attitude also trickles down into customer service, since relating to others on a human level should be so wholly baked into company culture. You can’t create a company without great people, and you can’t create a good company culture without recognizing the humanity in your employees.’John Tabis, CEO of The Bouqs Company and Fast Company contributing author


The effort spent building a positive dealership culture can go a long way. When dealers take the time to better the workplace for their business and employees, they’re bound to see results. Here are some of the benefits they get from creating a unique cultureÉ


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