Dealership Solutions: 90-Day Period Key for Lower Sales Turnover

By Team Hireology,
June 10, 2015

There’s a critical point in time for just about everything in life. Whether it’s the turning point in a country’s history or a defining moment in a person’s career, time is of the essence-if not always, at least at some point. (This is especially true in sportsÉcue NBA and NHL playoffs shout-out. Go Cavs! Go Hawks!)

The same can be said about franchise automotive dealerships and retaining their sales people. There’s always a point in time when an employee realizes whether he or she is cutout for selling cars. Nevertheless, managers seem to be doing very little to keep their sales employees on their payroll-hence the higher sales turnover rate in the auto industry.

So, what gives?

According to a recent article from Automotive Management Online, ‘The first 90 days is critical to reducing sales staff turnover’ and ‘that the average franchise dealership loses nearly a third of its sales staff every year.’ The article quotes automotive training specialist Simon Bowkett, the owner of Symco, who goes on to acknowledge the need for a better hiring and onboarding process for sales people in the auto industry.

‘The first three months can make or break a career in car sales so it’s critical that the time and money spent in recruiting a new person is not wasted,’ says Bowkett.

‘Too many dealerships make the mistake of failing to assist sales people from the outset, which ends up costing them more if they leave.’

Bowkett goes on to make a good point, saying that:

‘The motor trade is quick to say that people are its greatest asset but in reality, the industry is doing itself a disservice when it comes to getting the personnel right. There needs to be a change in attitude towards new staff, which will deliver returns down the line.’

The 90-day period is so important for new employees. This rings true to those here in the lab at Hireology. New employees can’t become official Hireologists until their 90-day trial period is complete. In this time, new employees are trained, mentored and have the opportunity to prove their worth within the company. If the employee works hard and honors the core values of our business, they become a Hireologist.

Moral of the story: if you invest in a better hiring process and improve the way you train your new employees, you’re bound to lower turnover at your dealership. Also, don’t overlook those first 90 days of your new hire. As they say, the numbers don’t lie!

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