Dealership Hiring: How to Break Open Your Competitive Advantage

By Team Hireology,
October 27, 2016


Earlier this month, Hireology was proud to present at the 2016 DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) in Las Vegas. Described as ‘the industry’s most progressive dealer professional event,’ Hireology was represented on stage by two of our very own automotive insiders. 

In attendance was Candice Crane, Hireology’s VP of Dealer Solutions, who participated on a panel for recruiting and retaining women into the automotive industry. Additionally, Adam Robinson, Hireology CEO and Co-founder, held a breakout session on using hiring and retention as a source of competitive advantage.

Working with hundreds of dealerships across the country, both Candice and Adam were excited to share their knowledge, as well as dealership research that Hireology has developed over the past year. 

Here’s a quick recap of the show:

Women in Automotive 

During Candice’s women in leadership panel put on by Women in Automotive, they discussed ways to improve recruitment and retention of women in the industry.

A couple of key takeaways from the panel:

  • Dealer Principals who are dedicated to the hiring process see successful retention and hiring rates of women
  • Stores that have incorporated benefits such as flex scheduling, hourly pay plans and team incentives also see an increased retention rate
  • Defining your store’s mission and values strengthens the employment brand
  • The message you deliver to your customer about how you do business also resonates with current and future employees
  • The more you can define the mission, the stronger your employment will be and the more qualified candidates you will attract.

Biggest Issue = Biggest Opportunity 

In his breakout session in the Leadership Growth Strategies presentation, Adam stressed that although the recently released 2016 NADA Dealership Workforce Study is worrisome, dealers can turn certain challenges into advantages.

Adam referenced the following stats: 

  • The median employer tenure at dealerships is 2.4 years, which is down 60% since 2011
  • Only 45% of dealership employees stay 3 years, compared to 67% in non-farm US jobs
  • Women were less than 20% of new hires in 2015 and women sales consultants turned over at 88%, which is up 3% from last year

What can be done about it? Adam talked through what he calls the Talent Ecosystem which is a cycle that starts with a strong culture and employment brand and moves through to better hires.



Look for the Super Elements in Better Hires

Dealers fall short when they hold a candidate’s experience as an indicator of a good hire. Hireology’s research has shown that 50% of the factors predicting a person’s success or failure in a new role has absolutely nothing to do with their experience. 

Instead, we suggest that dealers and hiring managers focus on the super elements of a candidate. And as Adam covered at DSES ’16, ‘If there were such a thing as ÔSabermetrics for recruiting,’ here are your four metrics that matter:’

1) Attitude: A positive disposition, or satisfaction that persists across job experiences

2) Sense of Accountability: The extent to which a person believes he or she has control over their own outcomes, also called the ‘locus of control’

3) Prior Related Job Success: Having met formal goals in past jobs that are similar to the job at hand 

4) Culture Fit: The degree to which the candidate shares similar values with the organization, and demonstrates an authentic interest in the job at hand

Adam concluded his presentation with, “in the end, when you’re looking at your bottom line, the best team wins.” To become a better dealership team, you have to turn your hiring and retention into a source of competitive advantage. And that’s something anyone can do if they take the right steps on the hiring front. 

Want more information on the 2016 NADA Workforce study which Adam covered during his breakout session? Download it below!

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