Customize your Hiring Process and Alerts: Coming Soon!

By Team Hireology,
August 17, 2011

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it!

As our customer base grows, we receive more and more feedback surrounding your need for more customization in one form or another. We’re happy to say that we’ve developed the first tools (of many to come) that will help you make Hireology your own:

Next week, all Hireology customers will have the ability to customize their hiring processes, and customize their email settings to receive email notifications from Hireology when candidates apply to their jobs.

In the My Info Tab, users will find a list of actions or changes for which they’d like to receive email notifications. Specifically, you can opt to be notified by email when: a candidate applies to your job, a candidate fills out the SmartRank survey, a job’s status changes, someone scores an interview, or when you’ve been added to a job. In addition, you can choose to be notified when you’ve been assigned a task, or when someone else completes a task you’ve assigned to them.

This means more communication with less work on your end.

Next week, you’ll also be able to pick and choose which (of our 6) interview steps you’d like to include in your hiring process. To top it off, you can now choose different hiring processes for different jobs! Want to use only SmartRank Survey and Phone Screen for hiring your call center staff, and all 6 steps for your administrative assistant? No problem! Just check out your new “Settings” tab and feel free to choose your own adventure. 

Also in our road-map: Users will be able to customize the actual interview questions and forms to suit their needs. Look out for this and other helpful customization tools over the next month.

Think you may have a hiring problem? We have the solutions.  

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