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With more people taking a proactive role in managing their health, the fitness and wellness sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. Hireology helps gyms, fitness clubs and wellness centers simplify the hiring process and centralize talent management.

A Hiring Platform Built On Strength and Flexibility

Source, Select and Verify Trainers, Member Experience Leaders and Other Fitness Professionals

Strengthen Member Retention

It is nine times more expensive to acquire a new member than to retain an existing one. Worse, 68% of clients cite negative experiences as a reason for leaving. Build a qualified team focused on driving member retention with a hiring process developed for fitness and wellness centers.

Get Ahead of Turnover & Anticipate Hiring Needs

The average fitness industry hire costs $3,750 and turnover can negatively impact the member experience. Reduce hard and soft costs by implementing a hiring process that will drive qualified candidates and proactively anticipate future hiring needs for key roles.

Build Loyalty and Profitability

Member and client loyalty are essential to the success of individual fitness or wellness center locations. Differentiate yours by implementing a proven process to hire team members who are engaged, trained to provide optimal service and drive long-term membership.

Hire Trustworthy Trainers and Staff

The safety of members and clients is always top of mind. Review skills tests, certifications and verifications for new hires as an integrated part of the hiring process to ensure capabilities prior to extending an offer.

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