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Walser Automotive Reinforces their Strong Employer Brand

Walser Automotive

- Investing in the dealership employment brand to attract applicants -

Learning The Walser Way

Through 50+ years of service, Walser Automotive Group has become a pioneer in the automotive industry. 

Walser’s progressive commitment to growth, innovation, and the customer experience has changed the car-buying journey. In 2016, Walser partnered with Hireology to rethink their hiring process and make a dramatic investment into their employment brand across the group. 

As Sherry Schultz, Walser’s Head of Human Resources explains, the group is setting to establish themselves as a premiere automotive brand for today’s applicants.

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Walser's Consistent Process

Walser partnered with Hireology to centralize all hiring efforts for the past two years across more than 20 rooftops. The group has made considerable strides to implement Hireology’s focused hiring process and is realizing great results – across the group, the average time to hire is just 13 days: 2x faster than the retail automotive average of 36 days to source and hire a new employee.

Launching a Centralized Hiring Platform

Like virtually all dealerships across the U.S., Walser had challenges finding great new talent across both sales and fixed ops roles. Increasing spending on one-off job boards wasn’t helping Walser better connect with quality applicants, so we began working together on an innovative solution that transformed Walser’s recruiting and sourcing efforts into an efficient and ROI-focused campaign to find in-demand talent while saving money compared to traditional recruitment channels.


Hireology centralizes all results with the Sourcing Insight – our analytics platform – to transparently show the channels driving the most applicants, quality applicants and hires, as well as the overall spend across channel to provide a bird’s eye view of all activity across partners so you know exactly where top applicants are originating from.


“We’ve hired a number of candidates that came from targeted ads. The more I work with the team, the more results I get. The focus on quality is far more valuable to us than just seeing additional applicants.”

– Ryan Moffitt, Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group

Seeing Results

Fox worked with Hireology to take all of the steps needed to find and hire great applicants into one seamless process. As a result of working with Hireology, they were able to streamline operations dramatically, saving team time and vendor costs while allowing them to connect with top applicants faster.


Because my team isn’t spending their time sourcing and searching, they are spending more time with candidates and our hiring managers. The cost of purchasing all the tools needed to source appropriately is high, and Hireology lets us save money on tools while letting us focus on our  people. The efficiencies gained allow me to be a better steward of company resources.

–Ryan Moffitt, Director of Talent Acquisition, Walser Automotive Group

Driving Consistency

Walser has an established brand that it must maintain across multiple rooftops. By placing a centralized hiring process in place, they can ensure an exceptional candidate experience while allowing local hiring managers to have control over their hires.

Hear from Walser’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Ryan Moffitt what the transition to Hireology was like for his team.

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